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  • Probability with an incomplete deck of cards?

    if you have a deck of 50 cards (2 random cards are missing) and the first 2 cards in the deck are both 7s, what is the chance you are missing a 7 from the original deck?

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  • Dog eye problem?

    My husky's eye is hurt. The vet says it is some sort of trauma and that she needs eye drops and vaseline to be put on her hurt eyeball. It looks less black than her normal eye and she doesn't like to open it up. I gave her a treat and she opened her eyes and I noticed her good eye was more dialated than the bad one. 

    I'm almost 100 percent sure the problem happened because I have another dog who is small and they have a bad relationship - a love hate kind of deal. The husky likes to get down on her level and howl/paw at her to get a reaction. Small dog reacts bad every time, she must have clawed at her eyes and hurt her.

    Do things like this heal? Will she be blind in one eye now? The biggest thing is that her bad eye looks really cloudy and that worries me a lot. It's a dark grey not a black like normal.

    Also any tips on how I should administer the vaseline (they make us put it on her eyeball with our finger). She will resist more if her energy level comes back I'm sure and I don't want to put her on sleepy pills.

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  • Philosopher(s) who wouldn't read anyone else's writing?

    I remember reading about this a while back and I'm trying to recall who it was.

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  • Do you have a mental voice?

    I'm not asking if you hallucinate and "hear voices" in your head, I'm asking if you can make a voice in your head say things. Can you say your name and hear it in your head? When you read do you hear the sentence?

    Personally I do and it's hard for me to imagine what it's like not being able to "hear myself think".

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  • optimization calculus?

    A rectangular piece of land needs to be fenced with 2 kinds of fencing. 2 opposite sides need heavy duty fencing ($3 a foot) and the remaining 2 sides will use standard fencing ($2 a foot). The area of the land is 150,000 sqr feet. What is the dimensions of the rectangle that could be built for the cheapest cost?

    1 AnswerMathematics1 year ago
  • NO CALCULATOR: can you find an exact value for x without a calculator and give a final answer in numerical form (ie no 'ln's allowed)?

    (1/2)^(3/x) = 5/8

    Is there some intuitive algebraic manipulation that anyone here can find that would give you the answer without logs? Here's the direction I take: 

    (1/2)^(3/x) = 5/8

    2^(-3/x) = 5 * 2^(-3)

    2^(-3) = 5^x * 2^(-3x)

    2^(-3+3x) = 5^x

    8^(-1) * 8^x = 5^x

    8^(x-1) = 5^x

    x = 4.424

    My point is that I have to use a calculator and find the answer. I can use logs but I don't know ln of 5/8 off the top of my head. Everyone in my last question did something similar to this, but I want to know if it's possible to manipulate this in a more optimal way so that you don't need a calculator and can still get the answer 4.424. Thanks

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  • Keystation 88 setup problem?

    I just got a Keystation 88, it doesn t play sounds on its own, it plays it through some sort of software on my computer. It told me to download this software, Ableton live 10 lite, but I can t select the device as an input device. I connected it to my computer through a usb port which powers the keyboard, but I can t see Keystation 88 as an option for input device.

    When i press the keys on the keyboard the program recognizes that I have pressed a key with a yellow light but it won t play the sound. I want to hear the sound in my headset when I press a key, how do I do it?

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  • lnx + c = ln2x what is c?

    I know they both have the same derivative so the difference is in a shift up, so what is c in this case and how do you find it?

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  • What is 0^0?

    On desmos, if f(x)=x^x, f(0)=1. The function's domain is also restricted to x>=0. I do not know why since -1^-1 is -1 and -2^-2 is -1/4.

    In school, I was taught that x^0=1 and 0^x=0 so why is one overriding the other?

    So why is x^x restricted to x>=0 and why does 0^0=1?

    19 AnswersMathematics2 years ago
  • Computer restarts randomly?

    My desktop computer randomly restarts, and after further investigation I determined it was an issue involving power. I do not know if it is a result of a faulty power supply unit or if it is a lack of electricity coming from the outlets I use to power my pc. What is most likely, and is there any way for me to test this stuff out? What are some solutions I can work towards to stop this from happening? Sorry, but I am not very good with computers. Thank you so much.

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  • Need help with this math problem :/?


    Log base 3 (square root of 243 times the square root of 81 times the cube root of 3) ALL over Log base 2 (the fourth root of 64 minus 10.

    Thank you :) sorry I don't know how to illustrate the problem any better.

    1 AnswerMathematics3 years ago