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  • Need to find an audiobook on Wonder?

    In year 7, my English class had to read a book called Wonder. I won't go into detail about it, but it's basically about a deformed kid and the people that are in his life. (pretty good, I'd suggest it)

    The teacher, decided to just have us listen to an audiobook CD thingy on it, as we followed along in the book.

    The audiobook was absolutely beautiful and became a classic memory amongst me and my mates. The reason we loved it so much was because whenever the chapters written from the perspective of August were read, the reader sounded like a 40 year Ash Ketchum with cancer. Like as if the 60 year old reader smoked 17 packets of cigarettes, all at the same time, before walking into the recording studio. The lads and I often imitate the voice, but I wanna find the original for extra memery. If you can help, my dying great grandmother will be a happy camper.

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  • How can I learn to read?

    I live on my own and have no friends. It is physically impossible to read.

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