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  • Obama just told a lie, "In Chicago, they just use cheap handguns"?

    Handguns are not allowed in the city of Chicago nor does that state have a handgun permit program, thanks to Obama.

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  • FINALLY , Obama has used the word "terrorist" refering to Bengazi.?

    And that liberal Candy kisses Obama's a$$

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  • Oh my, Obama is trying to cover his tracks on Bengazi.?

    He got on a plane and went to Las Vegas for a fundrasier.

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  • Dear God, Obama is LYING about oil company licenses.?

    He cant even answer how many licenses he has cut, He put a stop to all drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

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  • Isnt the Obama TV commercials against Romney getting sickening?

    All of them have already been proven to be lies.

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  • 2000 Dodge dakota starting problems?

    Ok guys, even though I am a ASE certified master tech, we all at one point or another get a vehicle that will just make you scratch your head. So I need your help

    I am working on a 2000 Dodge Dakota, 4.7 V8 Magnum engine, auto trans. What is happening is that when you try to start the engine , it acts like as if it has a weak battery, it turns over very slowly when you turn the key to start. another term used is that it drags. Here is what has been done and checked:

    The battery is fine...........putting out 600 amps under a load test. Even used another battery just to verify that I didnt have a battery problem.

    Starter did have to be replaced because of a bad solenoid. was tested at my local parts and machine shop.

    All cables are in good condition , terminals and all connections are clean and tight.

    Is there something that I am possibily overlooking? you know, that simple thing that is right there staring at you causing the problem?

    Im open to suggestions.

    Thanks for your input

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  • Question about a doctor's behavior,?

    My wife being 10 weeks pregnant began noticing some light spotting, I mean very light. the next morning, it had increased substansually and feeling some cramping. We took her to her OBGYN. Now note, we still owe $240 for recent visits. We are not disputing or trying to hide from paying it. We are paying on it, I guess not as fast as he wants because we live on a tight budget. When I got her to the doctor's office, he refused to see her because we owed the amount and made it clear that he wouldn't until the balance was paid. "that we could go to the emergency room" Being the symptoms my wife is having is signs of a miscarriage, he showed no concern of my wife's condition or for the child she is carrying. We did go the the ER and found out everything is fine. It was just the principle of he refused to see her due the the current circumstances. Im considering writing a complaint to the state medical review board. It felt like the money was more important

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  • Cemeteries on private property?

    My stepfather's family has a small cemetery on the corner of a person's property which has been there for years. His parents, two brothers, and a couple other family members are buried there. The property in which the cemetery is on was sold a few years ago and the current owner is being a tailhole about letting family access the cemetery. He says that they must give him ten days notice before they can come on the property. Reason I am asking is that a couple of the family members want to go on the property to clean up the cemetery, such as mow the grass and straighten up . Anytime anyone attempts to go to the cemetery, he threatens to have them arrested for tresspassing. I am in North Carolina and I am asking if there is a attorney or paralegal that has knowledge on this matter and is willing to answer this question. I have called a few attorneys, but of course they want me to come in to discuss it, hence, as always, they are just looking out for their pocket.

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  • 1993 Hyundai Elantra, Idle problems?

    Vehicle has a 1.8 16 valve DOHC. When idling, it slightly revs up and down and up and down repeatedly. What could be causing this? Please..........reputable mechanics or Hyundai techs answer please. I do believe this is beyond the knowledge of the backyard mechanic.

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