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  • Who here has heard of the word Karma?

    When the word Karma comes into my mind, It makes me want to think of how I should treat others. If i treat someone bad, bad karma will come back at me and haunt me. But if I treat someone in a good way, good karma will come to me and it won't do me any harm. But I would like your honest answers. 

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  • Who has been tested negative or positive for the COVID-19?

    A couple weeks ago, I went to a testing clinic to see if I was a victim of the COVID-19 and it was a long wait. But It was worth waiting and at first I was nervous. But as they stuck the nasal stick up my nose and after they did it, I waited for 30 minutes for the results. Once I walked in again, I got the results and the results were negative. So in other words, I wasn't a victim of the COVID-19. And I felt relieved and overjoyed. So if anyone has gone for the testing, please let me know. 

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  • Who here has sent in their voting absentee ballot?

    A few weeks ago, I got my voting absentee voting ballot and I began filling out the voting ballot and selected of who should be the next US President and Vice President and other official politicians of my home town and state. Once the voting absentee ballot was filled out, I went to the town Hall of my home state and town and dropped it off. I believe that filling out my voting absentee ballot was the smartest and safest decision. I hope some of you people did the same thing. 

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  • Who here has watched the first Presidential debate between Biden and Trump?

    Last night, I watched the first Presidential debate between Biden and Trump. Both of them were verbally at each other's throats. Badmouthing each other. So please, let me know what you thought of it and give me your honest answers. 

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    Who was your favorite US President before Donald Trump?

    Before Donald Trump became our US President, I had a favorite US President who knew who how to keep our country safer, peaceful and beautiful. George W. Bush. He knew how to deal with a tyrannical leader of Iraq, Saddam Hussein. By waging war against him. 

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    Who’s going to win this years presidential election? ?

    As a registered independent voter, I finally come to the conclusion of who I’m going to vote for in this years presidential election. It’s going to be Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. And i’ll give you a good reason. Because Trump and his administration including Mike Pence has failed us Americans all. If Trump and Pence win this election and enter the White House by January 2021, it’s going to be Hell on earth and more Americans could suffer from the COVID-19 pandemic and could die. But on the other hand, if Biden and Harris win this years election and enter the White House by January next year, it’s possible America will survive and have the pandemic well under control. I would like your honest answer of who can win. 

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  • Who here has had a argument with their parents over politics?

    Last week, my dad & I had a argument over politics. Which is a well heated subject. He's a conservative Trump supporter and I'm a Liberal Joe Biden supporter. He said to me, "Alan, you might as well become a atheist. Because the Democrats are atheistic and socialistic." I told him that changing my political views won't change my religious views as a Christian. But he wouldn't listen. So I realized that after the heated argument, It's a waste of time and there's no point of arguing with him anymore. I just hope and pray that my political views won't do any damage to my relationship with my dad. He and I may have our differences and disagreements, but there's nothing that'll stop him from loving me. Please give me your honest answers. 

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  • Has anyone lost a friend or family member to the Corona Virus?

    This past May, I heard that my doctor was a victim of the Corona Virus and at first, his sister and I were hoping and praying that he would recover from the Virus. But then things got worse and on June 27th 2020 he died of the virus. And on July 6th was his funeral. So if you have a lost a friend or family member because of the Virus, please let me know. This question is not a joke.

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