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  • Do They Have Competition to Select The Worst Candidates?

    Seeing who various political parties nominate as their leaders in recent years (Trump vs Clinton, or Trump vs Biden being excellent examples), I have to wonder whether they have this secret games where they compete to select the worst candidate possible that can actually manage to win.  It's not as if there aren't smarter options.

    For example, look at what the Democrats have presented to oppose Trump.  From around a dozen possible sound choices they end up with a bumbling possibly dementia affected candidate who's best strategy would be to stay in the bunker out of site & let Trump destroy everything until election day.  And then was Trump getting his 2016 nomination in the first place.

    It's as if it's a game to find the most moronic options possible, and then laugh at everybody becoming loyal to them because they wear the correct red or blue t-shirt.

    Maybe it's time for the aliens to install their own candidate.  Does everybody else think like this, or is it just me?

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  • Motorbike Won't Start in Cold Weather - not battery?

    I have a Honda Magna 250VTC 1994 model.  Temperature drops to around 5c, and the bike refuses to start (and roll-start is hesitant down the hill).  Temperature at around 15-20c and it starts no problem.  It's not the battery (it's perfect), or spark plugs (new & even narrowed gap a bit - didn't make any difference).  And yes, I've tried choke on it.  It doesn't even want to start in cold weather.

    I had been thinking starter motor, but that surely wouldn't be affected by the cold like this.

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