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  • Looking for a TV episode I saw as a kid in the late '70s?

    Looking for a TV episode I saw as a kid in the late '70s:

    All I can remember about it is a person (honestly don't remember if it was a man or woman) sitting before a vanity. Something about the episode lead me to fear that the person's reflection was going to reveal that they were hideously deformed or mangled, so right as they turned to look into the mirror, I looked away (I was like 7 or 8 at the time and easily scared, sue me!). So I have no idea what their reflection revealed.

    That must have been the end of the episode, because when I peaked through my fingers shortly after, it showed the show's host -- who I'm pretty sure was Rod Serling. That, and the fact that the episode was in color and not black and white, makes me think it must have been an episode of Night Gallery, not The Twilight Zone. But I've read the synopses for every episode of Night Gallery and none of them ring a bell. If it was a Gallery episode, I don't believe it was the episode The Painted Mirror. My episode had a mirror, but the mirror wasn't the focus of the episode like it was on the other.

    Now, there were a number of anthology shows and movies back in those days (this would be around '79 or so) so there's a chance it might have been a Night Gallery knock-off with a Rod Serling wannabe. But I'm fairly certain it was Serling and Night Gallery.

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  • What's this song from the '90s?

    I only heard it a couple times, summer of '93. The only lyrics I remember are from the chorus, "I like to swim, I like to swim." If memory serves there was a slight effect to make the voice sound aquatic, but don't quote me on that part.

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  • Need help from 90s alt-rock experts?

    I've been trying for years to remember a song I heard around '95 or '96. It's a mid-tempo, heavy distortion alternative rock song about a guy in love with an under-aged girl (I believe). The only lyrics I remember are "Stay with me Diana," and I seem to remember a mention of the girl being sixteen. Which leads me to think -- I say think, I am not entirely positive -- that it could be a 90s alt-rock cover of the Paul Anka song Diana, which shares that same lyric line.

    Keep in mind I've been searching online for this song for years, so before you go dropping guesses snagged from page 1 of a google search, I know for a fact it's not by any of these bands:

    Changos Del Rock

    Warren Dean Flandez

    Ricky Martin

    Johnny Hallyday



    Again, I'm not 100% certain it's a cover of the Paul Anka song, but since it shares an identical lyric line, that's what I'm leaning toward. But all I remember for certain is distorted guitar, mid-tempo, male singer, and the lyrics "Stay with me, Diana."

    So seventeen, eighteen years I've been trying to find this song. If you can help me, not only will I award you ten points, I'll worship you as a 90s rock god!

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  • Looking for a 90s rock song...?

    Came out around '95 or '96, a post-grunge alternative song. I cannot for the life of me remember either the band or song name, and the only lyrics I remember were "Stay with me, Diana". I'm typically encyclopedic when it comes to music, but I'm at a complete loss on this one. It received a nominal amount of airplay, but disappeared quickly despite being, I thought, a decent song. If I'm not mistaken it's about a guy in love with an under-aged girl. I remember trying to learn to play it on guitar and think it may have been in Drop D standard.

    A bit more info: it had heavy distortion guitar and a moderate-tempo. I've googled it 'til I'm blue in the face, but all the results I get are Paul Anka and it's DEFINITELY not him. 90s grunge/alternative fans, please come to the aid of a fellow Generation X-er!

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  • Asian Film Fans -- What Movie is This From?

    I saw this gif online recently and can't seem to find what film it's from. Any help?

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