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  • Really Infected Peircing? Please Help!!!?

    My left ear piercing (second hole) keeps getting infected. It is swelling with a ton of yellow pus and it hurts like hell. The whole ear lobe hurts to the touch. I got my second holes back in November and have had several infections since. (My fault for going to Claire s). Anyways, I feel sick and I have a headache but I m not sure weather it is because of my ear or because I ve been writing a paper on the computer for eight hours straight. My dad won t take me to the doctor because he doesn t get peircings and how big of a deal it feels like. I ve been cleaning it with rubbing alcohol and putting antibiotic ointment on it but it doesn t seem to be helping. I m thinking about trying salt since it s been infected on and off for months. And the infection will stay for the whole month, get better for a few days, and then come back. And I have hypo-allergenic earrings in just in case it was due to allergies. Apparently not.

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  • I'm failing school?

    I recently had a family trauma and am under a ton of stress. I feel sick and tired all the time and I'm super behind in school. Im multiple quizzes and tests behind and I'm failing every class. I'm in 10th grade and have always been a straight A student. I can't find motivation to do any work anymore since I am so far behind it seems pointless. And it's Sunday. And in two hours I have to go deal with something pertaining to the family trauma. I can't handle this at all.

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  • Cat and kitten fighting?

    A few months ago, I got a new kitten. He is very affectionate and he follows me everywhere. I also have a 2 1/2 year old female cat. Ever since we introduced them they have been fighting constantly. They chase each other, hiss, growl, and swat at each other. It's been a few months and they don't seem to be improving. My vet said to let them deal with each other and work something out, but I read online that this is not recommended. My female cat hates basically everyone except for my dad, whom she loves. She is SUPER aggressive when provoked or scared. She is also easily frightened and usually makes the vet bleed. She hasn't hurt my kitten and he hasn't hurt her but the constant fighting can't be good for his socialization or her stress level. I'm thinking about trying some Feliway spray to calm them down? Any other tips?

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  • My cat wakes me up super early?

    Every single night, he wakes me up super early 2-4AM. He purrs, lays on me, and licks my face. He has a full bowl of food and a bowl of water across the room. He usually then eats something, drinks something, and crawls back into bed only to walk all over me. Then he lays on me and usually falls back asleep after an hour. Is it some sort of routine? Or is he bored? This has been going on for about a month.

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  • Dehydrated but can't drink?

    I have the stomach flu and I can't keep anything down - even water. My lips are dry and I'm not sweating at all. I normally sweat a lot when I'm sick (and I'm not wearing deo) so I think somethings wrong. What do you recommend doing in order to get fluids down fast?

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  • What is going on with my kitten?

    Okay, so, every day, my kitten wakes me up around 4 or 5am. I have no idea why. He sniffs my face; purring loudly. Likes my face, walks on me, and even bites me if I don't respond. When I woke up and got on my phone to write this, he simply sits back, watching me intently. I never feed him this early or anything. And when he wants to leave my room he sits by the door and meows, so that can't be it either. I keep a litter box, food, and water in my room overnight since he likes to sleep her and I like my door closed. Maybe he just wants attention? But why at this time every day? I'm so tired. Is he trying to let me know that he is ill?

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  • Is my cat seizing or dreaming?

    I have a 14 week old kitten named Indy. We are super close. He often likes to sleep in my lap. Today, he is sleeping on my lap in a strange position on his side with his head back as opposed to curling up. He has been twitching a little and moving his paws. They appear to be muscle spasms. I'm fairly certain he is dreaming but I want to make sure that if something is wrong, I provide the best care possible. I have an older cat but she is aggressive and never sleeps near anyone so I'm not very experienced in kitty dreams.

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  • My kitten suddenly sleeps with my sister instead of me?

    He slept curled up next to me every night. I spent the last two days in the hospital and just got home. I'm still feeling exhausted. I got into bed early, and like always, he hopped up beside me, purring, and fell aslee next to me. I was so tired and he is so comforting that I fell asleep too. I woke up at 2am and he was gone. My parents had woken me up since they were fighting, and my mom came in to apologize. I asked where he was and she said: "Oh, he's sleeping with your sister." So sure, I was slightly hurt but I understand that cats can be fickle and you can't force them to love you. Maybe I was restless in sleep since I'm under the weather? Or maybe he associates me with my fighting parents? I'm not sure, but now it's almost 5am and I still can't sleep since he's not here and my head is pounding and I feel nauseous.

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  • Geometry hep? I can't figure out this problem.?

    Find the equation of the circle whose center is (0,0) and has a radius of 3

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  • Will my cat forget me?

    In a year, I would like to go overseas to an exchange program. It can last from one to two years. I think I am leaning towards only staying one year. However, we recently adopted a new kitten. He is so sweet, he's loving and gentle and he sleeps in my bed every night, curled up against me. He is sleeping under my arm as a write this. I am scared he will forget me. I love him so so much but he will only be a year old then, and I'm afraid it is too long. My mom, sister and I are already going overseas the whole summer to travel Europe. And my dad will be at work all day. That is a long time for Indy (my kitten) to be alone. We do have to dogs (but they are outside the whole day and sleep with my dad at night) and another cat but she is extremely aggressive toward my kitten and is being kept in a three tier crate until the two of them get used to each other. My other cat is so aggressive however, that she attacks even us - and the vet won't even examine her. I obviously don't have the authority to cancel my vacation plans but I don't feel comfortable leaving Indy. Much less for a year. We are really close right now, but will that last? Please give me advice on how to keep our bond.

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  • My parents are going through a messy divorce and they are both depressed? What can I do? I think my mom might hurt herself?

    My mom is currently sleeping after crying, smashing tea mugs, and flooding the bathroom and forcing my dad to clean it up. She said "I just want to sleep and never wake up". This scares me so much. My dad gave us a speech about how he loves and now HE started crying. He had an alleged affair and both parents have different stories about everything. Each says the other is lying. I don't know who to believe. We are all snowed in the house, but my mom says she needs to get out of the house. We live just outside of DC and with the blizzard right now it is way to dangerous to drive. I also need to be here for my younger sister but I can barely keep myself together. This is too much for me to handle; I can't look after my parents and my sister. I have to comfort my mom, my dad, my sister, and take care of the pets because no one else is. My mom stopped cleaning up around the house so now I have to keep things clean and manage my homework. I just cooked dinner but my mom refuses to eat. I'm so scared. I can't call my family because no one is left on my dads side and my moms family lives in Germany. Even if I called a family friend, they couldn't drive to get here, and it would make things worse. My parents don't want anyone knowing about our issues. I'm only sixteen and I really dont have the authority. I don't know if the police would come in this weather. I don't think anyone is driving. Besides, what if this further upsets my family?

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  • I'm afraid my mom might kill herself?

    My dad had a possible affair and my mom has kept this inside for 6 years. They recently had a blowout fight and we (the kids) found out. I'm 16 and my sister is 11. My mom took us away for a week over New Years and now my anxiety is currently so bad I can't go to school. My parents are probably getting a divorce, but they have not confided in me. Things are super tense at home. Today my mom is acting severely depressed. She sleeps all the time, she goes to spa appointments, she no longer takes care of the house, and she still hasn't showered. She is crying, she locked herself in the bathroom and flooded it, and she has just shamed two mugs. She just told me to go spend time with my father because she is "no fun". We are currently snowed in and she feels trapped. I'm afraid she might hurt herself. I know she takes white pills, but I'm not sure what they are for. She goes to different doctors because the one doctor won't prescribe them with out an explanation and she doesn't want to talk. Please help me, I am so so so scared. Earlier today she said that she wanted to leave us and go to Florida but she had an appointment when the flight left.

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  • My sister is turning really mean?

    This seems like a weird question but I m really not sure what to do. My sister and I used to be really close (as she is a year younger, I m 17 now). Anyways, when I turned 16 I spent a year abroad, living with my aunt and practicing my German. Anyways, when I returned, my sister seems to hate me. I make a lot of lame jokes - it s in my personality - and she always gets annoyed. It s like I never do anything right, I ll just say "What s up?" And she ll tell me to "Shut the hell up and get over myself." She is also extremely difficult with my parents and is always being grounded. She isn t the sister I knew last year; she s completely different and she doesn t even want to be around me. I just don t understand why she is so different. Even Noel, she keeps taking my hobbies and interests and making them her own. It s like she wants to be a version of me, but she doesn t like me. Also, I try to do nice things for her and buy her things but she never does anything in return. I brought her this Harry Potter necklace because she lives Harry Potter, but she didn t even say thank you. She just told me that it was about time I did something for her, since she is always doing things for me. When I came home she didn t even come with my brother and parents to the airport. What do I do?

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  • Baking Measurement?

    So my mom left me some baking instructions to make pizza dough while she is out. But it says things like: 1" of salt. I know that can t mean an inch of salt so wtf is she trying to say...? She is going to be so mad if I don t figure it out. I ve tried googling it,calling her, and asking my brother.

    Side note: She s from Germany, so could it be different there? SIghhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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  • APUSH help?

    I have some multiple choice answers I need help with.

    Balboa reached the Pacific Ocean after

    a) sailing around Africa

    b) sailing around South America

    c) crossing the Isthmus of Panama

    d) traveling downstream of the Mississippi River

    Native Americans from which region were the LAST to feel the effects of European exploration?

    a) Central America

    b) the Atlantic Coast

    c) the Pacific Northwest

    d) the Caribbean

    The main goal of early French and English was to

    a) develop large colonies in the New World

    b) seize Native Americans for slaves

    c) conquer all Native American tribes

    d) find a northwest passage to India

    The rise of kings was a significant factor in the development of the age of Exploration because it

    a) centralized power and stimulated trade

    b) reduced conflicting national claims over newly discovered lands

    c) reduced conflicts between European nations

    d) helped eliminate Papal claims to the new world

    Before he arrival of Europeans, Native Americans

    a) had developed great empires in Mexico and Central America

    b were all hunger-food gatherers

    c) were skilled riders of horses

    d) were overpopulated in the Greath Plains

    Thank you so much if you can help, I'll give you best answer ;););)

    ^ yeah, I'm lame

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  • Depression?

    I deal with so much ****

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  • Is Kony alive? In jail? Still out there?

    I have heard that Kony was captured. That he has not been captured. That he is a scam and Africa just wants money. I beilieve he is real not a scam but Im not sure if he is in jail or not. Also I think he is alive. Does anyone have scoop on Jospeh Kony? Im confused. I watched the Kony 2012.

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  • Ghost or what?!? Help!?

    Me and my friend are camping and we just found a creepy long white hair. We both have brunnett hair.

    5 AnswersParanormal Phenomena8 years ago
  • Ghost or what?!? Help!?

    Me and my friend are camping and we just found a creepy long white hair. We both have brunnett hair.

    1 AnswerParanormal Phenomena8 years ago