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  • help i think im gonna get arrested by a woman i dated?

    okay so i have been panacking, i met this chick we were together for 2 months, every day she hounded me with messages how much she liked me etc etc, we had lots of sex!! Then out of the blue one day (3days ago) i didnt hear from her so i texed her, she replied with shes not ready to be in a relationship and i should move on and date other people?? im like wtf??? So i said the obvious you must have met someone else to which she promply denied, so i looked on a dating website and there she was, i then informed her that she was a liar !! she reponded with the account cannot be deleted it remains open i cannot reaqd emails and do not know how to delete it and proceded to send me 10 emails with the guys that have been chasing her from the site advising me that she cannot do anyhting as no longer a memeber.., so i clicked on the link in her email trail and it took me into her profile, the temptation was just to great for me so I deleted her pics and put a pic up of the ugliest woman youve ever met and changed her profile to read that she cannot be trusted and will mess your head up........Dear oh dear it was funny at the time... However it has backfired and she has advised me that she is talking to the police. Can anyone tell me if i can get arrested for this???? She sent me the link so it wasnt hacking????

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