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  • Morphological differences ?

    Is there any way of differentiating between perrenial,annual and biennial plants, without knowing the classification

    2 AnswersBotany4 months ago
  • ''Correct'' and ''Incorrect'' flowers?

    Im not sure if the terminology is right,because im translating literally from bulgarian.Does a correct flower mean having functional male and female parts (androecium and gynoecium) and an incorrect one having the 2 parts,but only 1 is functional,making the whole flower/plant that gender,which is functional.Thank you

    Botany5 months ago
  • What is the main difference between bushes and grass plants?

    Sorry if the terminology isnt exactly correct,im roughly translating from bulgarian.

    2 AnswersBotany5 months ago
  • Protonation?

    In a PI (isoelectric point) problem,when the pk is higher than the given ph,we protonate the group right ? For example - the amino group becomes from NH2 to NH3+ .So my question is this.Why dont we protonate the R group in serine ? The pk is around 13 and if we have a ph lower than that,should we not protonate it to H2O+ connected to the main chain ? Also,what happens to it above 13 ?

    1 AnswerChemistry5 months ago
  • SCientific Explanation?

    Why does the warm water emit vapor from the sink but the cold water turns the sink freezing white colour.

    1 AnswerChemistry4 years ago
  • Economics is really hard?

    So imagine this - Dude from Romania or Bulgaria or Mexico or whatever decides he needs to go make more money in the states, and what i cannot understand if he sends almost all the money he makes from America does his country benefit the most ? Or is it more benefical for him to work in his own country, to make produce and sell it in his own land.I hope you can understand my question. THANK YOU.

    2 AnswersEconomics4 years ago
  • Quick one for you guys?

    Do i know myself more or do my friends know me the best ?

    6 AnswersFriends4 years ago
  • Plants before and after?

    When i look at pictures which include the''original'' fruits and vegetables before humans cultivated them, (bananas, tomatoes etc.) i cant help but see a drastic difference and wonder did that happen with all cultivated plants or just a few plants and why ?

    1 AnswerBotany4 years ago
  • Physics question?

    Imagine this - A big boat has a pool and on that pool there is a long ( 8-10 metres) jump.The boat is also moving. So when you jump and the boat is moving, wouldnt your body move in the air ? Im sorry if this is super obvious i just suck at physics.

    3 AnswersPhysics4 years ago
  • Usa and Russia history?

    This one is for the historians - Did russia and the us ever had a conflict. Obviously they had and still do, but i mean army vs army, not the cold war but a legimate battle between those two countries.

    3 AnswersHistory4 years ago
  • How do you improve your mind?

    By that i mean thinking faster and solving problems quicker

    14 AnswersOther - Education4 years ago
  • Similarities and differences between philosophy,psychology and sociology?

    Doesnt philosophy cover all of these together or am i mistaken ?

    6 AnswersPhilosophy4 years ago
  • Tribalism in todays world?

    Do you think the internet and globalism have made humans (particulary western people) more stressed,confused and lacking respect.I saw a speech that a soldier gave infront of people involving his time in the army and coming back to his home.He said that it was really hard to adapt back home seeing what respect,partnership and cooperation looked like in the army.He never trully experienced that home and having a tribalistic mentallity made him into a better person.What is your take on that ? Do we need more tribalism in our lives ?

    8 AnswersSociology4 years ago
  • Curiosity is disgusting?

    I know, curiosity leads us to greatness and its always good to want to know more, but honestly.... i just saw a new story about a 12 year old killing herself live and i searched 10 minutes till i found the video.Why the F*** did i want to watch that disgusting,sad,depressing video.Honestly is this instinctual,please say that you have this sort of feeling too.

    5 AnswersPsychology4 years ago
  • Do we help people because we are selfish or selfless?

    I really like you guys here in yahoo.I dont know if this is only in the philosophy category, but you guys are really intelligent and give good answers. So about this question i have been wondering about recently - When i am going out of my way to help people i cant help but feel that i am only doing it to satisfy some kind of need in me. Sure it makes the people im helping better, but at the end of the day it feels weird,creepy,disturbing that i am only helping people because it makes ME feel good. Im sure most of you guys have different opinions and feelings about this and honestly im really curious to read all of what you have to say on this.Excuse my mistakes for i am not a native speaker.

    11 AnswersPhilosophy4 years ago
  • Salmonella?

    We all know when we eat raw meat we can get a bacteria (or virus ?) called salmonella.But is it a recent thing with humans because at some point we have had to eat raw meat no ? Inform me on this please.Im probably looking like an idiot right now.

    4 AnswersInfectious Diseases4 years ago
  • Is a hard life better than a good one?

    I have started to really like this site for its ability to share ideas and there are some intelligent people here along with some trolls but whatever.My question comes from a a book i was reading, where the man told his son - ''Son i became the man i am today by having to struggle for money and trust in my life. However, seeing what i have been through, i wont let you have the same life as me.You will live much better than me.'' That raises a question. Does he punish his son for not letting him go through the same things as his father, or does the comfort the father provides for his kid is better.

    8 AnswersPhilosophy4 years ago
  • Morality and nature?

    A quick one for you guys with a little backstory.Basically i was fishing with my dad when i saw a snake (dont know species sorry) trying to kill and eat a duck. And i though to myself. Whats better ? Leaving the snake to feast on the victim or saving the duck but preventing the snakes food.Ultimately we decided nature to take its course because i dont view some animals more moraly then other animals. Thoughts ?

    7 AnswersPhilosophy4 years ago

    I am sorry if i seem like an idiot but why is there soo much confusion between this system. I live in europe and cant seem to understand what you people think about this system. Is it good ? Is it bad ? Its like you guys are split 50/50 and some say it helps them while others claim it forces them to pay for what they dont need.

    4 AnswersOther - Society & Culture4 years ago
  • Socialism?

    Quick question - Is wanting a healthcare and educational system paid highly by taxes(to be quality obviously), but still retaining the capitalist open market system considered comunistic, socialistic.

    5 AnswersPolitics4 years ago