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  • Is Cooking Mama Cookstar okay to play now?

    I dont remember all the allegations made against it - but i do remember people saying dont play it.  That it was mining data or something? frying your switch. it seems bogus but i want to be sure.

    Is all that over? someone bought me a copy of the game and i was searching online but havent found any real answers about it.

    2 AnswersVideo & Online Games2 months ago
  • i wanna dye my hair black, will it stay?

    i have natural dark blonde hair and i wanna dye it black to try something different. ive never dyed it before.  Does black stay or will it wash out after a while?

    2 AnswersHair2 months ago
  • Can I take another excedrine?

    I took two excedrine migraine pills earlier for my headache but it didnt help because i think the pain is coming from an issue with one of my teeth im having. The pain is really bad and i was wondering if it would be okay to take an Excedrine extra strength even thought it says on the migraine bottle to only take 2 in 24 hours.

    should i just wait til tomorrow to take something?

    3 AnswersPain & Pain Management2 months ago
  • What are good plants for indoors?

    I want to get some plants to liven up my room but I'm not sure which ones do so well inside with minimal sunlight.  You guys have any recommendations? 

    5 AnswersDecorating & Remodeling2 months ago
  • How to reduce echo my mic picks up?

    My house has super high ceilings and nothing really to dampen the echo that i have, and my mic picks it up REALLY bad.  I've tried the thing people do where they put foam in a box and place the mic inside it but it hasnt really helped.

    is my only other option to just buy the foam panels and put all over the place?

    3 AnswersOther - Hardware2 months ago
  • Help with music on a galaxy phone?

    So i've always had an iPhone so iTunes is all i know - recently got a Samsung Galaxy A71 5G and its cool and i like it - but how do i download music to my phone?

    Sorry if it seems like such a dumb question ive just never had a galaxy before.

    Everyone keeps telling me spotify or pandora but i go on roadtrips a lot that have mostly dead zones so i wanted music downloaded to my device so i could listen with no signal.

    Can i do that?

    1 AnswerCell Phones & Plans2 months ago
  • Can i take Tylenol with Sertraline(Zoloft)?

    I recently got put on Sertraline so im still new to it and im not sure what's okay to take with it.

    I have a headache after my shift at work and i just took my dose of Sertraline, is it okay to take a Tylenol, too?

    2 AnswersMedicine9 months ago