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  • Does the Mayo Clinic Still Practice Only OB/GYN and Pediatrics?

    In 2000, my mother and I moved to Scottsdale, Arizona.  One of the reasons was that she had health needs, and the Mayo Clinic was here, so maybe she could receive treatment there.  I called to schedule an appointment.  I was told that people were not allowed to make appointments directly with the clinic, but that, instead, it would be necessary to schedule an appointment through one of their satellite offices.  They gave me a name and number, and I called.  The person answering the phone said they only handled pediatrics and OB/GYN, that their doctors "did not need" any older patients.  Well, neither I (an adult male) nor my mother (age 78 at the time) would be able to provide them with any ability to practice pediatrics or OB/GYN.  I made other arrangements for her care, and we were fine.

    Shortly thereafter, I saw Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) on the television news, coming out of the Mayo Clinic, after having getting something or another flicked off the end of his nose.  I thought, oh, now they do OB/GYN, pediatrics, and U.S. Senators.  Darn.  We still do not qualify to be a patient.

    Then, in about 2006, I get a flyer in the mail, from the Mayo Clinic, telling me it is Summer, and they have openings for new patients.  First of all, the Mayo Clinic is so desperate for patients, it has to send out direct mailings soliciting them?   Well, given the experience I had with them on the telephone, I can see why they might have trouble.

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  • What is the Minimum Net Worth Requirement to be a Patient at the Mayo Clinic?

    From what I can tell, the Mayo Clinic has a "Preferred Response" program for which people have to pay extra, does not accept insurance assignment, and tacks 15% on to the Medicare Part B amount.  It sounds to me that the Mayo Clinic is only for the super wealthy.  What is the minimum net worth a person should have even to think about contacting the Mayo Clinic for medical assistance?

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  • What Was the Soldier or Sailor's Reaction to a Flogging?

    Until the eighteenth century, British soldiers and sailors often were punished by flogging, typically by means of cat-o-nine tails applied to the bare back. The victim might be ordered to receive dozens or even hundreds of lashes. What was the usual practice?

    Did most offenders attempt to keep silent as long as long as possible as a show of defiance and stamina? Or did they start screaming immediately, in hopes of making the whipping go lighter, and perhaps as a way speeding up their own exhaustion and loss of consciousness?  If you have sources, please cite them.  Thanks.

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  • If a Non-Canadian (Not Eligible for Their Health Insurance) is Visiting Canada and Gets Sick, What Happens?

    In the United States, since 1986, federal law has prohibited a hospital from turning away an emergency patient for lack of ability to pay.  Thus, a person without health insurance will be treated, at least until he is stabilized.  Afterward, payment arrangements can be worked out (e.g. third-party responsibility in accident cases, government programs, etc.).

    Let's say I am a U.S. citizen, visiting Toronto, and I have no insurance (not theirs, none of my own).  I am a pedestrian in a crosswalk, knocked down by a negligent motorist, and I suffer serious injuries.  Will an ambulance come for me?  If it does, and takes me to the hospital, will they treat me?  Will they treat me and wait until I can resolve the legal claim against the negligent driver?

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  • What is the Name of the Louisiana Parish in Which Ted and Buck Fought a Duel in the Movie, "Jezebel"?

    The 1938 movie, Jezebel, starring Henry Fonda and Bette Davis, opens in Orleans Parish (New Orleans).  When the Yellow Fever breaks out, they all go to their Summer home, Halcyon, in an effort to escape the disease, because the fever had never come that far before.  While there, Preston is bitten by a mosquito, but goes back to New Orleans to handle a problem at the bank.  His brother, Ted, and Buck Cantrell, remain in the parish, get into an argument, and fight a duel.  Does anyone know or remember the name of the parish outside Orleans to which they attempted to escape?

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  • Why Does the British Cabinet Have So Many Secretaries of State?

    They have a Secretary of State for Justice, a Secretary of State for Education, and Secretary of State for Defense, and lots of other Secretaries of State.  Wouldn't it be simpler if they just had a Secretary of Justice, a Secretary of Education, a Secretary of Defense, etc.?

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  • Prior to 1962, the AMA Thought Osteopaths Were Quacks.  Why?

    Prior to 1962, it was unethical for an MD to consult with a DO.  Why?  What happened to change the AMA's mind on the subject?

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  • Are Anglo-Catholics the True "Cafeteria Catholics"?

    Ango-Catholics are people who, though nominally Episcopalian, engage in many Roman Catholic practices, such as eucharistic adoration (a practice condemned by Article 25 of the Thirty-Nine Article) and elaborate Catholic-like public rituals.  Yet, they are okay with a married priesthood, divorce, and birth control.  Are Anglo-Catholics the perfect example of "cafeteria Catholics" who select the pretty, the easy, and glamorous, and ignore the rest?

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  • Why Did the Allies Tolerate Charles de Gaulle?

    In the view of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill, he was a pompous arrogant jerk.  As for his contribution to the war, he sat on his behind in the relative safety of London while Americans and British fought and died on French soil.

    During and after the war (and principally the United States) had to bail out France anyway, and pay for its postwar recovery through the Marshall Plan and other measures, while Frenchmen, drunk on wine, and collaborating with the Nazis, fantasized about the myth of the "French Resistance" movement.Yet the Allies let de Gaulle lead the parade when Paris was liberated (as if he had anything to do with it), gave France, which was just another overrun country of Europe, a veto on the UN Security Council, and foolishly backed France during the Vietnam War, opposing the struggles of the Vietnamese people to be free of French colonialism.De Gaulle, continuing his troublemaking ways, came to Montreal in 1967, and standing on a balcony, shouted "Vive Quebec Libre," thereby helping to incite and encourage terrorists, who, in 1970, attempted to overthrow the Canadian government. What was de Gaulle's hold on the Allies?  Did he have secret information about them?

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  • Voting Question for Single-Issue Catholics?

    Candidate A is running on the following platform:

     1. Abortion should be illegal under all circumstances.

     2. Outdoor religious services should be prohibited.

     3. Clergymen should not be permitted to wear clerical garb outdoors.

     4. Church buildings should be confiscated by the state.

     5. Religious weddings should have no significance (civil marriage for all).

     6. Clergymen should not be allowed to inherit property (except from close family)

    Candidate B

     1. Abortion should be legal.

     2. He does not favor any restrictions on the church.

    Candidate A’s position on religious organizations reflects the law of Mexico, as set forth in its Constitution. Abortion is illegal in most of Mexico.

    For whom do you vote?

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  • Why Do the Mormons Think They Can Dictate What the Rest of Us Call Them?

    First of all, the Mormons originally insisted, or at least indicated it was acceptable, to call them Mormons.  Now the Mormons tell us it is not proper.  Don't they realize that many religious groups were named by others?  For example, the Quakers were called that because then tended to go into trances and shake.  The Baptists get insisting on baptizing everyone over again, even though they all had been validly baptized as infants.  Methodist was once a term used to make fun of the methodical nature of Wesley's followers?  Why can't the Mormons be happy with this?  After all, given their weird beliefs, calling them Mormons is actually rather polite, compared to what we could call them (e.g. the church of convenient revelations).

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  • What is the Politically Correct Term for Chinese Fire Drill?

    Historically, "Chinese fire drill" is phrase that is used to describe a chaotic or confusing situation, lacking in appropriate organization.  I am thinking it might be correct to use that phrase anymore.  Is there a modern equivalent?

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  • Is There a Standard Way to Transliterate Cyrillic Characters into Roman Characters?

    For example, the Russian name Леонид Ильич Брежнев is usually transliterated as Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev.

    Is there a standard way to convert Cyrillic characters into Roman characters, or does it depend on the translator?  For example, why isn't he called Leonard Brezhnev in English?  

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  • How is Yom Kippur Pronounced?

    When I was in high school in the early 1970's, a Jewish kid in our class told me that the correct pronunciation is "yom kipper."  He said that calling it "yom ki-POOR" would make me sound like an ignorant Baptist hillbilly.

    Well, I certainly do not want to sound like an ignorant hillbilly, I have been saying "yom kipper" ever since, but people have told me it is "yom ki-POOR" so which is it?

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  • Why do I find larger type harder to read?

    I am a lawyer, and for years, I have prepared documents in Times Roman 12 font.  Recently, courts have required that I used larger type, such as Times Roman 13 or Times Roman 14.  Frankly, I find the larger type harder to read, especially while I am drafting the document on the word processer.  So what I do is prepare it in Times Roman 12 as usual, and then enlarge it to meet the requirements.

    If it makes a difference, I am nearsighted, and I need glasses for distance.  To read, I take the glasses off (I do not have bifocals).

    Is there any reason to explain why I find larger type harder to read?  Thanks.

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