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  • is my allowance too much?

    I get 53 dollars a week from my parents. Im 16 years old people get so much less and I m wondering if mine is too much. I don t really do chores its just the amount I get a week.

    7 AnswersFamily6 months ago
  • Is this an eating disorder, which one?

    I've always grew up being fit. I always wanted to be model, but for the last 2-3 years I've been eating abnormally a lot. I never really gained weight, because I have a fast metabolism.

    I don't just eat when I'm hungry. I eat whenever I'm bored or just feel like it. I also like to eat my feelings away.

    I don't workout whatsoever. I often check how much I weight at least 2 times a day. If I gain a kilogram I starve myself until I lose weight, then eat again.

    My family put lots of pressure onto me on being fit. My mom hates when I eat a lot and is scared I'd gain weight.

    1 AnswerDiet & Fitness1 year ago
  • Doubting islam?

    I m a muslim female. My parents and great ancestors are all muslims.

    I m scared to just say this out loud or even think it. I m.. doubting islam.. and gods existence.

    I don t wanna feel like this at all. I don t like the fact that homosexuality is haram. And the fact that you can perform zina with only your wife and a slave? I also heard that it s forbidden to report rape?

    I know I m only looking at the negative sides, I m not saying god is not real.. It s just too good to be true. Please slap some sense into me. I hate having these thoughts.