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  • Do they have to tell you about warranty transfer fees?

    So, I have solar panels on my roof and am selling my home. The panels are under warranty and we are obviously transferring to the new owner. The warranty says: "The Lifetime Warranty may be transferred by the original property owner to one subsequent owner in writing, provided a copy is delivered to [company] within 30 days of the date of such a transfer." Then it goes on to talk about specifics of the length of the warranty if it's transferred, and that's it. The paragraph about transfers is 2 sentences long.

    So, I wrote a transfer document, signed, blah blah, sent to company and asked if everything was good to go. They responded with: Yup, looks good. Just send us $250 and we'll get that transfer done. (paraphrasing)

    Can they do that? There's no fine print in the warranty and the instructions for transfer seem clear. Do I have a legal leg to stand on, or am I just out a surprise $250? Is this just a common shady business practice to drop this on people when they know a transfer isn't optional and it's crunch time? I talked to them several times on the phone before this and all anyone ever said was to refer to the warranty for transfer instructions?

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  • T-mobile says I HAVE to have insurance?

    I'm on Verizon, switching to T-mobile. We went to the store yesterday just to investigate and we're going back today to switch plans. What threw me is the sales guy yesterday said our plan NEEDED to have insurance for both phones, a jump plan, and something else I don't remember. He said this all had to be put on there for the first month, but could then be dropped. His reasoning behind the insurance was that it being on there for a month proves they offered it to me.

    Do you guys think this is BS and he's just after a bigger commission, or is some of it legit?

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  • A question about prepositional phrases?

    So, a prepositional phrase acts as an adjective or adverb.

    ex: The book on the floor is old. "On the floor" describes where the book is, and the sentence still makes sense. Without the prepositional phrase the sentence reads "The book is old." Awesome.

    So let's change the sentence. "The old book is on the floor." Now, is "on the floor" still a prepositional phrase? Is "on" still a preposition? My thought is that, while it clearly looks like one, it can't be. The book is what? On the floor. The verb "to be" indicates there must be a predicate. The only theory I have is that the verb is now "is on" and "floor" becomes a predicate noun.

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  • Where can I find a copy of my security clearance?

    I just got out of the Navy (separated to the individual ready reserve). I know my security clearance should have been immediately deactivated, but I believe it should still be current since Secret is good for 10 years without a follow-up investigation. Where can I find it?

    Note: I have access to NKO, but not the ETJ portion.

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  • What are my options if I drop out of navy flight training?

    I'm in primary right now and I absolutely hate it. I mean, I'm decent in the airplane, but I just don't want to do this anymore. First of all, it's not what I thought it was going to be like. Other than that, I have some other reasons I'm thinking about dropping. But what I want to know is what are the potential outcomes of my doing this. I don't think I go to a force shaping or anything (I'm pretty sure that's just if you fail out), but am I limited to SWO? Can I do some restricted line thing? Personal stories would be helpful, but anything you guys have works.

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  • Shipping liquids via USPS?

    So, I just dropped off a package at the post office, and didn't think to check special things about liquids 'till I got home just now. Is that going to get kicked back to me or what? I read the post office regulation and, I mean, it's safe, I just didn't say anything and now i'm sorta worried.

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  • Navy uniform question: khakis. poly/wool vs poly/cotton?

    What's the difference (other than wool and cotton)? Are they worn for different things? Is there any reason to have both? Basically, I need to know whether or not I should invest in poly/wools.

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  • For storyline purposes, should I use a walkthrough for FFXII?

    So, this game is supposed to be loaded with content, but how much plot development or side story stuff am I going to be missing out on if I just sit down and go through it? I might not be asking the question right just because I don't know the layout of the game yet, but any input would be appreciated (with the exception of you telling me how much you hated FFXII).

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  • Looking for opinions on the reliability of Chevy Cobalts?

    I'm looking at buying a little black SS (2007), but online I keep reading about how people have to drag their cars into the shop every 2 months cause some random crap broke. Then I read the next testimonial that talks about how they've had 0 problems for years. Anyone have input here?

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  • What are some boys' names that come to mind when you think of a loser in high school?

    To better describe the character I'm going for here, he's the quiet type, reserved and slightly socially awkward. He's average looking, perhaps a bit on the skinny side. Let's say build wise, he's a runner who doesn't go to the gym and isn't very good at running, but it keeps him from getting fat and there's a bit of tone there. He is also a genuinely good person at heart, but rarely shows it because he's introverted. He has a few friends, but spends most of his evenings at home.

    I sacrificed some traits to keep it short (semi fail). I know Y!A users usually don't like to read for some reason (myself included).

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  • Gift ideas needed. Occasion: Navy Commissioning?

    So, I need an idea for a commissioning gift for my roommate. He got me an engraved flask with a Navy emblem on it, which I thought was cool, but I asked for it. He hasn't been able to come up with anything he wants so I have to be creative. Or rather, you guys have to be creative, 'cause I have been drawing a blank for a week or so.

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  • How do I add upgrades to an ebay item i'm buying?

    Ok, so I want to buy a comp on ebay, and listed in the details are like 8 upgrades you can get. I would like two of them, but they aren't free. How do I add in the cost and ask for them on ebay?

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  • 3rd grade question about verbs. What is stuff like "is going" called?

    The sentence in question says "If you are considering..." Now, what is the term for stuff like "are considering." I think "are" is a special kind of verb in the case, and considering has a word for itself too. (lol, and I'm about to graduate from college. I'm an engineer though.)

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  • Ether Saga Vocations (newb help)?

    So, could someone please give a brief explanation of the vocations in Ether Saga. I looked for a guide, but the online help one just says "hey, here's the vocations." The in-game explanation quest says that they are self-explanatory. meh... Links to worthwhile guides are helpful too, but basically i'm a newb conjurer looking to get a couple of jobs.


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  • Why is aluminum a good material to use for EMI shielding?

    EMI = electromagnetic interference

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  • What are the units of noise bandwidth? I thought it was Hz for a while, but now I'm leaning towards dB.?

    What exactly is Noise Bandwidth, physically?

    After much reading, I am starting to suspect that it has nothing to do with the FWHM of my filter, which is what I was originally told by a customer support engineer who was helping me with calculations involving a photodiode I got from them (which is why I thought it was Hz in the first place).

    And if it is dB, my dark current shot noise equation's units will work out. But idk how to get the value for this.

    Insight would be deeply appreciated.

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  • What is Noise Bandwidth? What are the units? How do I calculate it?

    Ok, so i have a photodiode and I'm trying to calculate dark current shot noise. The equation is:

    I(ds) = sqrt(2*q*I(d)*B)

    q is the charge of an electron, so units: C = A*s

    I(d) is the dark current, units: A

    B = noise bandwidth, units: ??

    I(ds) is supposed to have units of A/Hz^(1/2), but the only way that is possible is if B is unitless, which doesn't make sense

    units for the equation are [A*s] [A] [units for B]

    A^2 gets u A when u take the sqrt, but u need s to get Hz^-(1/2)


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  • What are some of PETA's future goals?

    What is in the future of PETA?

    Where are they heading?

    Is there anything specific they are looking to do in the future that you know of?

    Links are always helpful.


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  • Engineers and Programmers! Magnetometer to microcontroller communication via RS232?

    OK, I just got thrown on this new subsystem for senior design. I was on payload before, but it was experimental and I proved our method wasn't going to work. So our adviser threw me on C&DH. Anyway . . .

    I have a HMR2300 magnetometer (honeywell) and a USB1032 microcontroller (Micro/Sys). They communicate via RS232 and the magnetometer data is output in ASCII. I can interact with the magnetometer with my computer using Indigo terminal emulator. I can communicate with the microcontroller using the same thing and with MPLAB (which came with it).

    My question: How do I get them to talk to each other? The coordinates from the magnetometer have to be stored until they are taken by two other subsystems, then they have to be discarded. This process repeats continuously. The language for the microcontroller is C. I can write in C fairly well for a college student not majoring in computer stuff, but I am at a loss here. I know you can't answer my questions here very fully, but giving me a starting location or something would be helpful.


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  • Formal RSVP Question: Salutation?

    So, I got an email invitation, but the invite was an attachment and it was rather formally written. Anyhow, it gave an rsvp email address. So I wrote up a simple RSVP, which is apparently supposed to be written in the third person. So it reads "Mr. Jeebus (me) accepts..." It seems dumb to not leave any contact info on the email, but since it is written in the third person it also seems dumb to sign the thing by my name. Advice?

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