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  • Am I a mean bday girlfriend?

    So my bday is coming up soon and I asked my bf to sing me a particular song that I really like and have it video taped. He declined saying he cannot sing, when in fact, he sang in a choir before and sings daily. I persisted and got angry because he refused. I am not speaking to him because I think that if someone loves you, asking for a favor such as mine should be easy to do. Am I being mean?

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  • Do you think it is okay for you to hear your significant other's stories about his/her past relationships?

    What if it may not be in complete details, but it allowed you to draw your own picture of how their intimate life was? Would that be okay with you?

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  • Does this guy like me?

    When I ordered my drink, the bartender said they did not have pina colada. As he explained.."We have coconut with vodka..." I said, "Oh no alcohol. Is there a fruity drink without the alcohol?" He made me a tall glass and did not charge me. I asked, "Are you sure?" He smiled and said, "No alcohol, so its nothing." I totally felt this energy as we spoke to each other and he did seem to behave shyly when talking to me. I sat in his view; however, and there were some eye contacts but I cannot say for sure. If there was a sign that he was "into" me then I'd go back and give him that opportunity, but now, I am not sure.

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  • why do men care so much about their body?

    every single guy i dated seems to be unsatisfied with their body. they came in all shapes and sizes and not ONE is satisfied with their body...even after they worked out for months!!!

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  • IN DESPERATE NEED OF HELP: i am alive, but not living.?

    I have a medical problem which the doctors cannot solve. They did every test possible, but they confirmed that everything is normal.

    Ever since I had my son (10 yrs ago) I have been having extreme fatigue. I cannot energize myself. I feel weak and tired for no reason at all. It happens spontaneously, wherever I may be.

    I eat healthy, I am an active person, I am mentally well, yet I get sleepy all the time.Out of a month, there are probably 5 days that I feel "normal".

    What could be wrong with me???!! I want to wake up and do things, but this condition

    keeps me in bed. I end up sleeping more than 10 hours a day. It seems like I have no life.

    I want to live; do the things I need and want to do.

    (Doctors gave me 3 options: birth control pills, prozac, or yoga. I do not want to take bcp or prozac pills because of its side effect. Yoga does not help.)

    Please help me find solutions as to what it could be and what I could do. I am grateful for any other possibility.

    God bless.

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  • Does he like me or not? I AM SOOOO CONFUSED...IT'S FRUSTRATING!!!?

    For many months he has shown signs that he was really interested, so I wanted to know without asking him directly because I did not want to scare him. While we talked, he mentioned a place where he went that was good where live bands perform. I said, "We should go." He answered, "Maybe." Does that mean 'yes' or 'no'? It seems like a 'no' to me. I hate this.

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  • Should I ask him out?

    He's a bit shy & insecure about himself, but his actions say he totally likes me. Its been 10 months already, but I am hesitant to ask because it never works out when I ask the guy out. To ask, or not to ask?

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  • my boyfriend may become an alcoholic because he is a social drinker. when should i call it quits?

    he is a sociable person...loves to socialize and talk; to anybody! he likes to drink while he's at it. everyday, probably a total of 4 a day (beer, wine, vodka, margarita) but he does not get drunk. he drinks with friends and with meals. he says that he is not an alcoholic, yet he talks about drinks as if he can't wait to drink again. and he bragged about a time he drank everything the bar had and won a trophy...which he is very proud of. it seems like everytime we talk, he'd mention having had a drink or someone who has a case of beer. i do not want to end up with an alcoholic. i love him, but how long shall i wait for this 'addiction', if i may call it that, to end? i also dont want to waste my time.

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  • my new boyfriend seems like an alcoholic, but what makes a person an alcoholic?

    it seems as if he drinks daily: beer, wine, vodka,margarita. usually it is with a meal and/or with friends. he does go out to drink on the weekends. he usually has about 3 drinks. he does not get drunk. he tells me of people he knows who are alcholics and claims that he is not because he does not drink and get drunk. he can handle his liquor. i believe he enjoys drinking because he is a very sociable person...he loves to talk to people everywhere he goes. i usually catch him mentioning some kind of alcohol and says it like it is one of the best things in the world; praising it as if he needs it everyday. what do you think?

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