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  • What should we do about the group that makes 13.5% of the money but pays 2.3% of the taxes?

    They use every tax break to get out of paying taxes. What should be done to make this situation fair? If they only paid their fair share (13.5% of taxes) they'd be paying over 600% more than they are now!

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  • Twice as many rich with twice as much money....good or bad?

    Which scenario do you think would be better for America?

    Scenario 1: Next year there are twice as many "rich people" and all of them have twice as much money as they do today.

    Scenario 2: Next year there are half as many "rich people" and the remaining rich have half as much money as they do today.

    Let's define "rich" as earning $500,000 or more per year. Please choose one or the other and then explain why. After that, feel free to rant as much as you'd like but please answer the hypothetical question.

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  • Are you in favor of Socialism?

    If so, what's preventing you from being a socialist???

    Anyone who wants to be a socialist now can do so. You can pool your resources with like-minded individuals, share vehicles, share living space, build homes for one another, get group medical plans, pay for each others' college, give 0% interest loans, etc. Nothing in the world is stopping you.

    So, if you feel so strongly about socialism, why aren't you a practicing socialist??? Why do you feel like you need to force it on everyone in order for you to do it?

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  • Why do politicians have such a hard time with the concept of "living within your means"?

    If they bring in $1 Trillion, the can spend $1 Trillion. If they want to do something else, they need to come up with the money first and then do it. Why is this so complicated? Why do we keep electing leaders that promote financial irresponsibility? While both parties are guilty of this, why is it that the Left especially seems to think that this is some "radical" approach?


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  • Is there an evolutionary reason why women might like shoes?

    My 18 month old daughter is already in love with them. Seriously, is there a reasonable explanation for this other than just "women try to attract the best mate"? (........because honestly, we hardly ever notice the shoes....)

    3 AnswersGender Studies10 years ago
  • If a family has an Xbox 360 with Kinect, how many Xbox live memberships do they need?

    Does each person have to have a live account if they want to use the Kinect features? What happens if you try to game online with Kinect but log in under someone else's profile?

    What happens if a black man tries to play on the profile of a white girl.... does it work or does it say to go get an xbox live membership?

    $250 per year (or so) for a family of 5 seems really steep just to play online.

    I'd love to hear how this works.

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  • In which instance is the word "Fair" used correctly and why?

    "Everyone should pay the same amount in taxes in their lifetime. Once they've paid their share, they're done paying taxes. It's only fair."

    "Poor people should pay a higher tax rate. They utilize more social programs and it will motivate them to make more money, it's only fair".

    "Rich people should pay a higher tax rate. They can afford to pay more so they should. It's only fair"

    "Everyone should pay the same tax rate. If you make more, you pay more. If you make less, you pay less. It's only fair"

    The middle class should pay the highest tax rate. The poor can't afford it and the rich are providing jobs. It's only fair.

    Secondary question: Should we be worried any time we hear a politician use the word "fair"???

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  • Why should the wealthy be taxed at a higher tax rate?

    Lets take a scenario of two couples. In both cases they clean offices for a living. In both cases they get paid the same hourly rate of about $24 per hour.

    Couple A: He works 40 hours a week and spends the rest of his time golfing, playing, reading, and watching TV. She socializes, takes care of the home, and goes out to eat with friends.

    Couple B: Both of them work about 100 hours each week. They don't have much extra time for TV, movies, or golf, because they're focusing on working and saving money now.

    Couple A: $50,000 per year income

    Couple B: $250,000 per year income

    Why should couple B be considered "rich" and taxed at a much higher rate than couple A??? If both couples paid the same tax RATE couple B would pay 250% more taxes than couple A anyway.

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  • Is this about how Socialism works?

    1. People decide that it's great to help "the poor".

    2. The poor get more and more

    3. Pretty soon it makes more sense to "Not work" than it does to work.

    4. Lots and lots of people are dead weight

    5. The government either threatens people to work or they stop paying their bills and/or create hyperinflation.

    6. Either communism or rioting ensues.

    7. Black markets (aka capitalism) emerges, at first underground, and then through barter (aka "Those Marks are worthless, pay me with goods") and then through a restored market system.

    Have I missed anything? I suppose I should have titled the question "Is this about how Socialism DOESN'T work?"

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  • If socialism is so great, why do people run away from socialist countries?

    Why do socialist countries have to lock their people in if it's so wonderful? A few historical examples:


    -German National Socialism (aka NAZI)

    -North Korea





    (By the way, Socialism also killed 100+ Million people in the previous century)

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  • Why do you oppose capitalism?

    Capitalism is nothing more than trade. It's trading one thing you value less for something you value more. The person trading with you feels the same way. No one forces you to trade anything with anyone ever (........except of course the government).

    You could easily save enough money to buy a few acres of land someplace where you could live on your own and never trade anything with anyone ever and thereby break out of the capitalistic system. So why do you oppose trade? If you do oppose trade, then why do you continue to trade?

    15 AnswersPolitics1 decade ago
  • What's the best MP3 player that doesn't try to rule your life?

    I want to be able to add songs at home, on my laptop, or on my office without having to install new software or format my mp3 player ( iPod's are out).

    I want larger capacity, like 20gb or more (so the sandisk ones are out)

    I don't want to have DRM that drives me batty (so zune may be out).

    Is there an MP3 player that acts like a hard drive that you can just drop music on and take it off easily without software, itunes, drm, or the other crap that drives so many of us nuts?

    5 AnswersMusic & Music Players1 decade ago
  • Have I got this straight regarding Obama and Bush?

    Something is screwed up.......It's Bush's fault.

    Something goes well...........It's all because of Obama.

    That thing that LOOKED like it was going well, well not it's screwed up.......It's Bush's fault.

    It was REALLY good 2 weeks after Obama had been president.......Obama gets all the credit.

    It got screwed up 2 weeks after Obama was president.......It's Bush's fault.

    On another note, do you guys dislike Fox news because of their BIAS???

    6 AnswersPolitics1 decade ago
  • If the Federal Reserve System is good, then why is counterfeiting money illegal?

    Besides, aren't monopolies supposed to be illegal?

    4 AnswersGovernment1 decade ago
  • If Europeans are so socially conscious and USA so greedy, why is it so hard to find a free bathroom there?

    ......and so easy to find a free bathroom in America?

    Why is it that most of the easily accessible free bathrooms in Europe are in American establishments like McDonalds?

    If Europeans were truly socially conscious, wouldn't it be easy to find free restrooms to use there?

    5 AnswersOther - Cultures & Groups1 decade ago
  • Why does the left pretend that citizens and corporations are all greedy and Government are altruistic?

    Especially when you consider that the biggest problems have been caused by government, not by citizens or corporations.

    Nuclear disasters:

    Chernobyl vs 3 Mile Island:

    Winner Chernobyl

    Biggest Ponzi:

    Bernie Madolf vs Social Security

    Winner: Social Security


    Mao vs ............I can't think of any corporate or personal genocides

    Winner: Mao

    We could go on and on and on. It's hard to find a category where the private sector has screwed up bigger than governments. Yet people continue to insist that the Government is just out to "help people" and corporations are just out to screw them:

    Lastly: Who brought you the IRS, DMV, OSHA, No Child Left Behind, and multiple recent wars

    Who brought you: The automobile, the PC, the iPod, the dish washer, light bulb, and washing machine?

    Seriously, why do people pretend that the government is altruistic and benevolent when common sense and history tell a very different story?

    3 AnswersGovernment1 decade ago
  • Why don't we have all states hold their primary elections on the same day?

    Why put up with the charade of politics and allow certain states (the first to vote) to be more important than other states for the primary elections??? Is there any good, logical reason for this or is it just dirty politics as usual?

    3 AnswersElections1 decade ago
  • 2 Questions: What do you think the American dream means? Do you think it is still possible?

    Why or why not? (ok, so that's 3 questions).

    3 AnswersFamily1 decade ago
  • 2 Questions: What do you think the American dream means? Do you think it is still possible?

    Why or why not? (ok, so that's 3 questions).

    5 AnswersFamily1 decade ago