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  • Would you worship an evil god?

    Let's say that God is evil, and provides absolute indisputable proof of his existence.  But he's evil.  He does things like torture people for no reason, kill huge numbers of people, advocates slavery, advocates bigotry, and so on. 

    Would you worship this God?  Is it ethical to worship this God?

    13 AnswersReligion & Spirituality6 days ago
  • Who started the trend of letting the OL spike the ball after a TD?

    I've seen it in several games by different teams.  RBs especially hand the ball to the OL who either made a key block or sometimes just a random OL and let the big guys spike the ball.

    I love this trend.  Who started this?

  • In LibreOffice, how to get a chart or summary section to expand with the data?

    I have a spreadsheet with a data sheet, a charts sheet, and a summary sheet.  As I add data, I want the chart to reflect it and the summary formulae to reflect it.

    But the data ranges all have a defined start and end in the chart, and my formulae (e.g. =AVERAGE(A4:A19)).  As a result, everytime I past a new row in, I have to manually update the extent of the data ranges in the chart and the formulae.

    How can I tell the formula (and the charts) to include all cells in the column (starting with A4 for example) until the data stops.   I've seen other spreadsheets do this.  I'm sure I'm doing something wrong.

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  • Can a chimney support a fireplace on both sides?

    We're planning a remodel, haven't gotten to the architect or contractor phase yet, but we have a chimney with a fireplace both in the basement and the ground floor in the same chimney.  We're considering turning one or both fireplaces into gas fireplaces. 

    But the expansion we're planning may create another room on the other side of that chimney on the ground floor.  Could the OTHER side of that chimney be altered to ALSO include a gas fireplace on the ground floor?  Is that a thing?

    3 AnswersDecorating & Remodeling3 months ago
  • What city does Metropolis represent?

    I've heard that Metropolis is supposed to represent Chicago.  But I'm also aware that  Frank Miller once claimed that Gotham in NYC by night, and Metropolis in NYC by day.  Effectively one representing the optimistic and wealthy side, the other being the crime-ridden, corrupt pessimistic view on NYC.

    Is there a definitive canon on this?  Did Siegel & Shuster ever weigh in?  How to the comics tend to treat it?

    Bonus points if anyone can educate me on other fictional DC cities that are meant to be proxies for a real city and what that is.

    1 AnswerComics & Animation3 months ago
  • Why do Kryptonians and Humans look so similar?

    Have they come up with a canon explanation for this?  Co-evolution?  Or some common ancestor explanation or something?

    5 AnswersComics & Animation4 months ago
  • What would be the minimum conditions that would compel Superman or Batman respectively to kill?

    We all know that thanks to the legacy of the CCA, Superman and Batman are both staunchly against killing.  Superman is willing to let Lex Luthor or BRANIAC endanger millions with each of their hair-brained schemes.  Batman is fine with Joker trying to kill half of Gotham in each of his gambits. 

    In these cases, Superman and Batman know from experience that these psychopaths WILL escape to endanger and kill again.  But they don't kill because that's not their role.  I can respect that.

    But what circumstances WOULD they kill in? 

    1) Would they kill a bad guy who was about to act to kill a good person?

    2) Would they kill a bad guy who was NOT about to act, but where killing them 100% guaranteed to save one good person?

    3) Would they kill a good person to save 5 good people?  Effectively the Trolley Problem?

    4) Would they kill one person in cold blood to save the entire planet?  7.5 billion people?

    Assume each scenario that they could be absolutely convinced that the act is the only way to save the people and there is no wiggle room...unlike the scene in Man of Steel when Superman had about 20 other viable choices beyond snapping Zod's neck.  I should say that I am talking about the COMICS Superman and Batman.

    2 AnswersComics & Animation4 months ago
  • Anyone subscribe to

    Is it any good?  Is it worth subscribing?  How in depth is it's team specific coverage?  Can I get film breakdowns and reviews?  Advanced statistical analysis?  Or is it basically no different than another local paper's coverage?

    And what about the general NFL?  Strong draft coverage?  Fantasy coverage?

    2 AnswersFootball (American)5 months ago
  • TV/Streaming suggestions?

    I have Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime.  

    I'm looking for a show that is fun to watch.  Not a sitcom, preferably, though if it's good enough I'd do that.

    Sitcoms I liked: Office (US), 30 Rock, The Good Place, Parks & Recs, Arrested Development, early Simpsons, What We Do in the Shadows, Santa Clarita Diet

    I like the arrowverse, for the most part.

    Buffy, Veronica Mars, Stargate SG-1, Dead Like Me, Wonderfalls, Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, Future Man, Archer, iZombie.

    I will do some more serious stuff at times as well, though I'm more in the mood for lighter fare.  Breaking Bad, The Wire, West Wing, Dexter and such.

    2 AnswersComedy5 months ago
  • Which LB spot did Reuben Foster play in 2017 with the 49ers?

    I know he was a LB, and I know he was an ILB at Alabama.  But I'm wondering if he was a middle linebacker for SF.  And if so, was he calling signals?  Was he a smart player (on the field I mean...he's clearly an idiot off the field)?

    2 AnswersFootball (American)6 months ago
  • Is there a good senior fall detection device that alerts a phone rather than a service?

    Thanks to a brain tumor, my father is struggling with falls both due to balance and weakness in his extremities. He's also unable to use his cell to call his wife who might be downstairs or elsewhere. A fall detector seems like a great idea to get them.

    But I want it to notify my mother's cell phone rather than have a service. My mother then calls me and my sister who both live locally and we rush over and can get him up, or she calls 911 if he's injured.

    Anyone know of such a device? All the fall detectors I've found searching are trying to sell you a monthly service.

  • Please suggest some anime for me?

    I strongly prefer English dubs, though I will watch sub if it's REALLY worth it.

    Some things I like:

    Rurouni Kenshin



    Death Note

    Code Geass

    Irresponsible Captain Tylor

    Vision of Escaflowne

    My Hero Academia

    El Hazard: The Magnificent World


    Fate/Stay Night

    Pretty much everything Miyazaki

    I have seen Bleach, Fairy Tail, and One Piece and find them less enjoyable. I think I'd rather watch some fun anime right now than super serious ones. Though again, if it's good enough, I'll watch whatever.

    Also, I'm looking for stuff that is available on a streaming service, preferably Netflix or Hulu.

    Comics & Animation8 months ago
  • Who is this Peter Shrager dork on my combine coverage?

    He acts like he thinks he's an analyst or expert, yet when I google him he appears to have no expertise whatsoever. Just a reporter. So why is he acting like he thinks he's an expert? He comes off REALLY pompous.

    2 AnswersFootball (American)9 months ago
  • Now that Black Lightning is in the Arrowverse, where do their powers come from?

    I watched Black Lightning briefly when it first came out, wasn't impressed, and ignored it. After Crisis, it's now technically a part of the Arrowverse.

    On Earth-1 almost every meta's origin is tied to the STAR Labs particle accelerator explosion. Earth-38's powered people generally have some level of extra-terrestrial connection (not all).

    Does Black Lightning similarly have any kind of theme for where it's powers originate? I briefly skimmed the wiki on him and he got it from a … vaccine??? Which sounds like anti-vaxxer propaganda. I'm hoping that's not quite right.

    So where do the characters of the show generally get their powers, and the titular character in particular? Various independent science experiments or is there one thread they all derive from or what?

    1 AnswerComics & Animation10 months ago
  • Does My Hero Academia ever get better?

    I'm mid-season 2 of My Hero Academia and so far it's little more than episode after episode of battles and/or weird competitions. There's a TEENSY bit of character development happening, but not a lot. Mostly it's just everyone lining up and fighting with the same basic storyline every time with just details changed.

    Does it ever get better than this? Or is this all it is?

    1 AnswerComics & Animation10 months ago
  • Does Raising Dion get good?

    I'm watching Raising Dion on Netflix. I'm on episode 3. I am definitely interested. The characters are interesting, their reactions are so reality grounded, and I really really WANT to like it.

    But it's SOOO slow right now. Things are happening at a snail's pace. Does the show really just continue like this or does it pick up? Because right now it feels like a train to nowhere.

    Drama10 months ago
  • Any great Illyana Rasputin TPBs?

    I've always liked Illyana Rasputin (Magik of New Mutants). When I stopped collecting comics, she was still dead. I have a lot of the original New Mutants stuff, the original Magik mini-series. Are there any other works that FEATURE this character (ie, she's not just lost in the ensemble) I should consider getting? Preferably TPBs?

    2 AnswersComics & Animation11 months ago
  • Y/A suddenly stopped working in Opera. How do I report this bug?

    I use Opera as my browser. Y/A lists questions, but as soon as I click on one, I get an error on the next page. Every time. Works in Edge. But I don't see anywhere on this site I can report a bug.

    7 AnswersYahoo Answers1 year ago
  • What to watch in Naruto after Shippuden?

    I just finished watching Naruto Shippuden to the end. What a lousy ending, I thought.

    But I liked it overall. So what comes next? I know some stuff follows, but I'm not sure what order I should watch and which ones are good. And I prefer dubs, do any of them have English dubs?

    6 AnswersComics & Animation1 year ago