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  • demon appears in my dreams?

    it appears in my dreams and tells me that you're not going to have a normal life like the average human because you're not a true human. you only exist to hurt others cause fear and be hated and despised of by others. but I don't want that

    I know I'm unwanted but should I really follow his advice and join him. he says that he'll help me achieve what I was meant for and my true purpose.

    I'm not sure if I follow. I'm scared but it feels so compelling to go after him.

    life will take me nowhere anyway

    5 AnswersDream Interpretation10 months ago
  • is a life like this worth living?

    doing nothing all day but staying locked up in. room, degreased, sick of everything, beating oneself with a whip and wishing for death every moment of the day, being in a literal living hell, being misunderstood and marlignized by everyone except one person.

    why is it illegal for me to not get shot or killed.


    9 AnswersPsychology10 months ago
  • how do I summon a demon serious answers only please.?


    I'm not suicidal or trying to pull stupid **** like that.

    there's a demon I want to summon to ask questions about my life and life in general.

    any guides?

    10 AnswersParanormal Phenomena10 months ago
  • what's the purpose of the ritual/game The Three Kings?

    you know that game where you place chairs mirrors a bucket of water, you have to wake up at 3 am when your alarm bell rings you etc.

    I'm thinking of escaping from this world and end my pain is it a good idea to do the ritual.

    by the way what's the sole purpose of that ritual anyway? to reveal your future or something?

    please only those who believe in these things answer

    Polls & Surveys10 months ago
  • I think I have autism and I have no use I'm worthless.?

    I think I have it, autism the worst disorder to ever exist, far worse and disabling than HIV/AIDS, cancer, Ebola etc etc

    But I'm physically healthy so if I come out to be autistic the only reason to stay alive would be to harvest blood and possibly organ out of me right? that would be my only way to contribute to society right?

    I shouldn't be identifying as a human anymore, neither as either gender BTW. I should be changed my identity, be castrated and named Type O Negative Blood Factory or Blood Factory O-, put in a humanoid containment chamber, fed daily on a nutritious diet particularly rich in iron supplements and other blood boosting essentials. and harvested blood from whenever needed with/without my consent.

    I feel blessed that I have this type of blood, that I can donate and help save someone in need. it makes me feel like I'm worth and that I belong to somewhere. I donated blood twice, once to save my grandma from blood loss and the other time to save the girl I liked( I didn't ask her out yet still) which had gotten into a bike accident. it made me so happy I could help her!

    so how about I get euthanized and donate my non retarded organs to a neurotypical person who's worth living more than me. I'm just a trash being that's it.

    wouldn't it be better for me to be dead than suffer loneliness, have someone make better use of those organs.

    3 AnswersPsychology10 months ago
  • is this a bad coping mechanism?

    ever since my teen years due my odd personality I've faked being the cold, materialistic, career-oriented greedy for money and stuff of that kind. I would go on to tell people that love and relationships wouldn't interest me, allegedly.that my education and and future profession are all that matters, and that money is the only significant thing spending and dedicating time to and learning how one should earn it.

    in fact, deep down inside I've always wanted to find love and someone special but was too afraid to show my inner weaknesses. even after graduation and perhaps getting a good paying job there will be nothing to quench my loneliness and fill the void..

    I can't keep up with the cold and arrogant dude attotude anymore I'm severely depressed.

    what did I do wrong in a past life to have such poor social skills.

    I miss the happy days of my childhood in which I had many great friends..

    my true goal in life isn't merely to pursue my career but to also find someone whom I can relate to and be comfortable with..

    I only acted that way because was the high school teen survival time and I would rather be seen as a cold hearted monster rather than a sore loser.

    is it too late to change my personality now

    3 AnswersPsychology10 months ago
  • if life begins at conception then...?

    does this mean that any cell in the human that has 46 chromosomes is considered a living thing, a "humanling" because somatic cells can turn into a human too with the somatic cell nuclear transfer cloning procedure, so I've heard.

    are cells "alive"

    7 AnswersBiology10 months ago
  • why do I always get joint pain after a shower?

    can someone explain? showering is such a terrible chore for me. after I step out of the bathroom I get terrible widespread muscle and joint pain. sometimes a redness on my face accompanies the above symptoms. nusea and occasionally a low grade fever hits me too.

    this all happened at age 16 when I got sick with a long lasting 2 months flu

    ever since showering is a pain to me.

    should I consult a doctor?

    2 AnswersOther - Health10 months ago
  • why should an unwanted human like me still live?

    someone with no social skills, never loved by anyone by love I mean in all contexts,not even love by parents or friends. I have no life no quality of life whatsoever. Isn't this a way of nature telling me to **** off and die already..why should someone like me still. this world is a place for normal people who have a life not like me who does nothing all day.

    I feel so hopeless and isn't fair!

    8 AnswersPhilosophy10 months ago
  • how do I stop liking her..?


    there's this girl I used to go to high school with and that I used to help her with stuff and I've been falling for her lately. I just don't know why or how this happened but yeah I'm starting to have feelings for her. but I don't want to anymore, I'm mildly autistic and love and stuff like that aren't things for me right? I feel so depressed and down right now and my self-esteem hit rock bottom already..

    I really like her, not only is she kinda cute but a good person. but I want my feelings to stop,

    should tell her how I feel..

    3 AnswersSingles & Dating10 months ago
  • am I normal?

    is it natural not to ever want kids???

    I never liked children each day I'm more and more determined not to ever have any

    but u feel guilty somehow for being like this

    my concern I'd am I normal or do I have a mental disorder for being like this. don't all people want kids somehow want children in at some point in their lives

    do I perhaps have a genetic mutation of some sort that alters my brain chemicals lol

    BTW I'm 20 and a guy I know I'm fairly young and my point of view and desires may change as I get older but I'm worried am I normal for being like this. I've always kept this a secret from otherd

    7 AnswersPsychology1 year ago