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  • Lipsticks that don't dry lips.?

    Please help, I'm looking for a lipstick that doesn't make my lips feel dry. I have tried loads of different ones but my lips always feel dry. Any suggestions?


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  • Is this IBS?

    For the last couple of years I have intermittently had pains in my lower middle and upper stomach/abdomen. These range from cramping, burning and wave like pains. They come and go while I have them and last for about a week no longer than fortnight. Sometimes it feels like I need to burp and other times I just constantly feel hungry or at least my stomach seems to be constantly rumbling. The doctor has said they think it's irritable bowels after all other tests have come back fine. I have always suffered with stomach aches on and off since early childhood but these pains are in a league of their own. Buscopan does seem to help.

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  • Can you customise Twitch pop ups!?

    Is there a way to customise a pop up so you can press a button/key and a message you have created pops up, i.e if someone asks a question that you think is awesome you can have this pop up to show this?

    I know you can customise a pop up/alert for when someone follows you or donates but that is automated. Please help boyfriend is desperately trying to do this but we cant work out how.

    Thanks guys and gals

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  • Online games that don't have pvp?

    Hi guys

    I'm looking for a game like tribal wars where I get to build a village/kingdom and possibly fight against in game monsters but I don't want to be pitted against other players, so if I'm away for a while I still have something to come back to. Hope this make sense thanks for any help received.

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