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  • Are supervisors supposed to have lots of free time?

    Hey, I got promoted to a supervisor position recently and I've realized that I don't do much. I just walk around the call floor alot (i work in a call center) and make sure people are staying focused. 

    Then I might train some new hires or take some calls. It feels unethical and I feel like I don't deserve it because I got promoted because I'm dating one of the senior lead supervisors and he wanted to get me promoted since I'm having sex with him and we have a good relationship. 

    Is this how life is? I couldn't find any other way to be successful and this seems to be the only thing that works. I've noticed at all of my other jobs people do what I'm doing right now to get promoted and to stay in the business. Is this really how it's supposed to be? 

    Working hard doesn't get you anywhere and the only people promoted are the ones who have sex with, date or who know the management very well. 

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  • Am I Treated Poorly For Being Gay?

    I grew up in Arizona where it's kind of a republican dominated culture. I have never lived anywhere else. So maybe I've developed a thick skin, but it seems that whenever I go somewhere ... like to a restaurant for example, I get an aggressive host who seems to be relentlessly angry and unhappy. I have the tendency to be forgetful and don't pay much attention to it because I'm so used to it but it STILL bothers me if I think about it (like I'm doing now) 

     I've worked several jobs where my supervisors frequently picked on me. Then I finally found a job where I basically dont' work with anybody and the manager is gay . but i look back and wonder, why is this the only job where i felt like i was treated normal? did they bully me at other jobs because i was gay? 

    I don't know exactly how to handle it, I just ignore it and move on because not everyone is like that. But sometimes I feel like I need some kind of a support or encouragement . Or sometimes I just wish there was something I could do so straight people could just treat me with some respect.

    Recently I started experimenting with wearing a hat and urban clothing and strangely enough, i began getting treated significantly better. I thought I would get treated worse, but I feel like straight people have been nicer to me lately with my new style boyish style


    I had a hookup with a guy. Later that week I felt sick and was throwing up. I took a pregnancy test and I'm as pregnant! The only problem is I met the guy on a dating app and my old messages were deleted! I can't find him!!! What do I do!?!! Abortion? 

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  • My sister has threatened to kill me for her student loan debt?

    I cosigned a student loan for my sister to go to college. After finishing college she managed to land a high paying job at a major league news station . She made great money for 10 years but paid NOTHING to her student loans. She partied, bought expensive things, and bragged about her amazing vacations. 

    can you imagine that? 

    After 10 years of living the celebrity life, the station fired her. Now she's a poor pitiful b*** like the rest of us and can't afford anything. Since then, she finally opened a student loan letter for the first time and BOOM ! She immediately knew what to do! 

    She threw a brick through my car window and left a note demanding for me to make a payment... 


    During the years she was partying with her newscaster buddies I worked a humble job at a local magazine and drove uber on my days off.I saved my money and invested in a 401k. My 401k and savings are enough to pay for her loans, but I don't see why I should pay for her loans.

    My sister has sent me several text messages, demanding money and blaming me for everything. she says I ruined her life and that she wants "revenge" . I have no idea why she blames me for her student loan debt when all i've done is try to help her

    my sister is homeless now and I feel like no matter what I say to her it will always be my fault according to her. 

    what should i do?

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  • Are guys more open to dating post op transwomen?

    If a transwoman gets breast implants and a vagina, would guys be more likely to date her? 

  • Why do people treat me better when I wear a hat?

    I'm a guy who didn't wear hats often but lately I've been experimenting with my style. Instead of styling my hair I decided to wear a hat. Now people seem to respect me more all of a sudden. It's so weird and awkward for me because people used to behave very negatively towards me before I wore a hat. Now that I wear a hat , people seem to be almost afraid of me. 

    Does the hat create a sense of percieved masculinity and authority? could people think I'm older because I wear a hat? I dunno wtf it could be. any thoughts? 

    people are weird , and I'm not trying to figure them out. I just want to know what your thoughts are. I don't really care about people much anymore now that im 35 , but just curious about your thoughts on what perceptions of hats could cause a change in how someone gets treated 

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  • Is my job too much for me?

    I enjoy my job , Although it has it's ups and downs I like the atmosphere and the people I work with. Unfortunately, the workload is extreme... I'm doing double the work I should be doing because people keep quitting. Lately, I've been coming home experiencing moderate headaches and ear pain. It has been driving me into some kind of a mild psychosis where I feel extremely irritated . I've also been very forgetful.. I keep burning things I cook and leaving projects unfinished around the house. I have very little motivation or time to do house chores or self care. 

    I don't know what to do. I am scared for my mental health but I don't want to quit my job . Today I became so angry and irritated I started punching my wall and crying. I feel like I can't handle it anymore. I don't know what to do.

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  • Can Nicotine Gum Cause Sore Throat?

    There are many methods to nicotine consumption. My method of choice was gum. However, after a few months in of using gum I noticed my throat became slightly sore, dry and scratchy. After discontinuing the gum, It stopped in a week. Could it have been the gum? is this a common side effect for most people? Do smokers experience similar symptoms as well?

    your answers will help contribute to the awareness of nicotine, and help people from all around the world. be proud of your contributions and thank you.

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  • Is it normal to be fatigued and sore on my days off from work?

    On my days off from work I feel fatigued and sore. Sometimes I get headaches and get NOTHING done for myself. Usually the first day is the worst, then on the second day I feel almost fully recovered. When it's time to return to work I am just barely feeling my best. Then I repeat the process of slowly deteriorating my way towards exhaustion until the week is over and I get two days off again. The same cycle repeats itself every week... 

    Sometimes I'll get lucky and magically have more energy on my days off , Only then can I get more done...usually I'm always fatigued and feel sick on my days off. I've asked many people and most say it's normal but there has to be a way to improve and be more productive. I need help. I can't live the rest of my life like this. I need to get more done for myself 

  • How can I get a driver's license if my parents wont teach me to drive?

    my parents wont teach me to drive and the driving schools near me cost 500 dollars and have horrifying , terrible reviews. I can't find anywhere else to learn to drive. I have no idea what to do and it is very frustrating because I cannot buy or insure a car without a license. how can I learn to drive? 

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  • Is it supposed to be hard to find an affordable used car?

    I'm trying to find my first car and it's so hard. I have responded to so many ads over the past few years and can't seem to find anything reliable and affordable. used cars seem to be very expensive, almost the same I'd pay on a dealer's lot. 

    does anyone know any good websites or have any ideas on how I can get my first car? Any tips? This is really difficult and there are lots of scams out there. I spent a long time saving up 4 grand and I really need to have a safe reliable care to drive in. I'm sick and tired of taking taxi everyday . 

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  • Why are so many women dressing like whores?

    I went to the mall and saw so much skin it was uncomfortable and not child friendly. I felt like I was walking my kids through a porn shop and there was nothing I could do to shield them from seeing **** and *** at every corner. 

    I know there are many misled women think that dressing like a slut is "empowering" because they think men "notice" them more, but really, you're just a distraction and most men look because they are wondering why you're dressed like that.  

    Since when did dressing like a whore become "empowering"? I thought getting an education, being promoted at work, obtaining a more lucrative income, buying a home, getting a new car, and forming a better relationship with your family was empowering. 

    Women complain about being "objectified" but they are displaying themselves as sexual objects with what they wear. It makes no sense at all that a woman would believe she can be taken seriously while walking around town in her underwear. I know women would like to believe they are all beautiful, but many of you are average looking and dressing like a slut is just your way of convincing yourself your "empowered" because you lack confidence.

    Women can't be equal to men if they keep obeying these fashion standards that turn them into objects. you're all restricting yourselves to being men's dogs instead of their equals. men don't respect most of you because you are bound to the social role that degrades you and keeps you a sexual object for men's viewing pleasure. 

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  • If I uploaded a video of two people fighting, can I get into legal issues?

    Today I filmed a rich guy attacking a homeless man begging for spare change . I want to upload the video onto youtube but I'm scared I'll get into trouble or have some kind of legal issues to worry about. Should I even bother with it? I recorded it for the safety of myself and the other guy , i wanted to make sure it was all recorded but I'm afraid the elite might've created legality issues for people like me so they wont be held responsible. So I just want to know, do i have any rights or is it only illegal to commit a crime if you're poor? 

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  • Should I expose a cheating husband?

    I met a guy online through the app grindr. He is sleeping with both men and women, and has "anything goes" listed as his method of protection. so sometimes he uses a condom and sometimes he doesn't. with me he didn't want to use protection. 

    The conversation got more awkward, he told me his girlfriend was okay with it, but then he said they were monogomous and then said they were together only 6 months and then changed his story to them being engaged for 4 years.

    not sure what to believe but i know this guy is a real person because i had him take photos holding up 2 and 3 fingers. im not sure what his relationship status is, but he could expose her to stds and hiv if he's having sex with other men and women or trans women. 

    his entire mentality disgusted me. it was like he loved the false sense of confidence of having a girl to come home to and he loved cheating on her. he wasn't ashamed at all and that bothered me. but is it morally or ethically right for me to expose a cheater to save someone's life and heatlh ?

    i probably wont do anything and just move on but it's deeply disturbing and sad that "straight" men do this kind of stuff. he wasn't straight at all but he called himself straight even tho he ***** guys on the side. makes no sense... 

  • Should a used car title always have the owner's name on it?

    This is a dumb question, but I am trying to buy a used car from someone, however... the title is not in his name ... he said it was a car he bought for his son but he sent me a picture of the title and it clearly says "Carvanna LLC" under the owner category..

    I don't understand this concept about car titles and cannot find any explanations on the internet.  I looked up the cars history and the last owner was a car dealership (im guessing carvanna? )  

    could this guy be a dealer for carvanna?  if hes a dealer and doesn't own the title, does that mean the story he told me about purchasing the car for his son was balogne? 

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  • Not satisfied with sex and not attracted to anyone?

    The past couple of years , this feeling of dissatisfaction with sex and hookups has become a more common theme for me.

    Although I am grateful to being able to have sex on a regular enough basis. I have noticed a lingering sense of dissatisfaction . It seems that after the sex is done, I find myself laying in bed feeling empty after the hookup . but why ?

    Usually , I will just masturbate a few more times and feel better . Then wonder why I had sex in the first place when I could've just masturbated.

    Maybe I want to have more sex? Maybe I got a bad hookup partner ? or maybe I simply am not as sexual as i used to be? Could I be craving something more than just a good pounding?

    Frankly it sort of scares me because if I can't find satisfaction through sex anymore, then where else can I experience that "high" we all experience during sex and orgasm?

  • My sister keeps asking my mother for money and wont leave her alone. Ideas?

    My mother cosigned a loan with my sister a while back . She always makes prompt and timely payments. The bank is usually very flexible and friendly with her. So she is in good standing with them.

    Unfortunately, my sister broke up with her boyfriend recently and has been having screaming fits and psychotic tantrums over everything . All of her credit cards are maxed out because she spent everything on this guy she knew for less than 5 months. My sister is not paying her student loans from college. she lost her job (again) because she physically assaulted one of her co workers. Unfortunately, she takes no responsibility for anything and blames her poor credit score on my mother and the loan.

    ... Interestingly enough, my mother's credit score has improved. So we know that the loan is definitely not hurting anyone's credit score.

    Conveniently, after this recent breakup, My sister is demanding my mother to pay more money to this loan. She has been banging on my mothers window in the middle of the night and ringing her door bell at 2 am . She has been leaving threatening notes on my mothers door , and on my mother's car.

    We don't know what to do with her! It's nothing criminal but it is still very annoying and we want to be left alone.

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