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  • Why does the British royal family have security protection ?

    They say it's because some people will try to kill them or send death threats. Okay so what about people in the UK who are victims of crime and are target by criminals who are robbed or murdered on the street. Or the people living on the street, living in social housing and suffering from abuse, where is their is protection from the government? Why are we wasting tax money on the privileged few to have security and police protecting them. They should scrap their protection and if they are threatened or attacked they should phone the police just the rest of the population. 

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  • Why is there so much poverty in Scotland ?

    So many drug addicts, deprivation and houses that look like they are falling apart, litter every where, no investment, neds or chavs lurking around dressed in trash tracksuits looking to start trouble. Scotland is a beautiful countryside but it's feels like a very sad country for a population of only 5 million which is about the population of Sydney Australia and New Zealand.

    This tram system in Edinburgh looks like the biggest waste of money considering most of the city is in dire need of better roads and investment.  

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  • Why do people commit mass shootings ?

    What's going inside peoples minds when they walk into a public place and open fire on innocent people. 

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  • Does the queen of the United Kingdom have to pay for things ?

    Like in a hypothetical scenario if she orders at a McDonald's restaurant at the counter does she legally have to pay or does she get it for free since she's the queen. 

    4 AnswersLaw & Ethics2 months ago
  • Why is the drinking age in the US 21 ?

    Yet you can join the military and buy a gun but you can't buy a can of beer. 

    Mind you the drinking age in most countries globally is 18 with only a tiny amount of countries having it at 19 or 20

    I'm really confused here..... 

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  • Why doesn't the UK close its borders?

    Like the borders between England and Wales, England and Scotland, and northern and Republic of Ireland to slow the spread of covid 19. It's working in Australia closing the state borders and we've had only about 100 deaths compared to the UKs whopping 40,000 plus deaths

    7 AnswersOther - United Kingdom3 months ago
  • Why do people commit domestic violence?

    My neighbour across the street was murdered by her boyfriend because she apparently borrowed her boyfriends car without her asking, he got extremely angry and violent over it and shot her several times then setting her body fire and attempted to flee on foot until he was caught by police. My girlfriend the exact same thing drove my car to Walmart without me knowing and I didn't angry I was more concerned because it was late at night and it was having a thunderstorm.

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  • Why are police in the US so heavily armed?

    When I visited the US for a holiday last year I had to call 911 when in the middle of the night a 7/11 across the road from the hotel I was staying was being robbed and assaulted an elderly man outside the store, cops showed up within minutes with assault rifles telling the robbers to get on the ground. (They surrendered and no one was killed thankfully) but assault rifles when one of them had a knife and a fake gun.

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  • Why do police get a bad reputation?

    My uncle is a retired police officer from lapd and he tells me the majority of officers joined the force because they want to "protect and serve". He wanted to save lives not end lives, saving people from burning cars, saving hostages, getting bad guys off the street, trying to help vulnerable communities and supporting groups getting young people to pick up a basketball or soccer ball instead of drugs or firearm. He even gave a black man lift from out of the rain to a job interview and the man even got the job.

    4 AnswersLaw Enforcement & Police4 months ago
  • Why were American soldiers called "Gis" during world war 2?

    Why American soldiers in particular who were sent to the European theatre called Gis? "Prisoners celebrated in mass when American Gis of the 11th armoured division liberated Mauthausen Concentration Camp in May 1945".

    I heard it's something like galvanised iron or could it be government issue, general issue or general infantry.

    8 AnswersHistory4 months ago
  • Why do people play loud music all night?

    A guy lives in the flat above me plays death metal music until 4am at full blast. We've asked him politely to turn the volume down and even offered him to buy him an expensive pair of headphones but instead told us to go F"""" ourselves. It wasn't until police gave him a warning. Thankfully he left the apartment a week later. I just don't understand why some people are like that

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  • Why is Scottish football so terrible?

    Scotland is better at rugby than at football. Also it's very one sided with rangers and Celtic always being at the top and being in their own league where they thump every team (most of the time) and Celtic usually end up being champions every year.

    When covid 19 subsides the Scots should be giving more attention to rugby

    8 AnswersScottish Football (Soccer)4 months ago
  • Why do some people do such evil things?

    Witnessed a man today with cerebral palsy trying to withdraw someone money out, then some thugs came up and struck him several times in the face and stomach with a baseball bat, took his wallet, phone, walking cane, the money he was dispensing and spat on him lying on the ground in agony. He had to get several stitches to his face and suffered a broken rib cage and broken nose. Police did catch the thugs as they tried to rob a 7/eleven a couple doors down. What on earth is wrong with people. Ive met the man before when he goes to get his take away coffee and newspaper before boarding a bus home, very lovely guy who didn't deserve it.

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  • Who would in a fight MCU Odin and Hela vs MCU Thanos (with all 6 stones) and sword?

    Who would win in a fight on Asgard MCU Thanos the mad Titan but has the gauntlet with all 6 infinity stones, he also has the black order, nebula and gamora and his entire army like we see in endgame. Vs Odin and Hela with helas army and giant dog.

    This is also the 2018 Thanos how's to use the stones.

    Comics & Animation4 months ago
  • If I time travel to the past will I be creating an alternate timeline/universe?

    Or similar to Avengers Endgame would be I be entering a time and place in a certain year but in an identical but alternate timeline. So essentially killing my grandfather or father will have no impact on my existence because my grandfather is still alive in the original timeline.

    1 AnswerPhysics5 months ago
  • Which theatre in World War 2 was worse for the United States the Pacific or Western front?

    The Pacific war 1942-1945

    or the western front starting in North Africa to Italy then to D’day then into Germany itself.

    Basically in terms of casualties.

    4 AnswersHistory5 months ago
  • When police arrest a black person should they incarcerate their entire families  ?

    Like put them into internment camps so they cannot communicate with loved ones in prison. If they had this type of this system I reckon crime rates would fall drastically, the more blacks in prison the less street gang violence their would be, people would feel safe on the street. Would send a strong message to the black community not to offend or their families will be punished too. 

    I know this sounds kind of racist but I’ve been physically assaulted several time’s by black thugs on the street and have several stab wounds on my thigh and had to receive stitches as I was struck across the face with a baseball bat. Just sick and tired of violence. (I used to live near south Chicago) and violence would spill over into my neighbourhood. 

    3 AnswersLaw Enforcement & Police5 months ago
  • What happens when Kim Jong Un dies?

    The dear leaders sister Kim Yo-Jong is mentioned as a likely candidate as she is of direct blood line to the supreme leader Kim Il Sung. However she’s a young female put in charge of a sadistic government run by middle aged men. How would China, South Korea and the US respond do you think? 

    5 AnswersPolitics5 months ago
  • Why are a black countries so poor ?

    The only Black Country that isn’t that poor is Botswana and Namibia. You can’t blame the European powers for the mess they are in today. Europe hasn’t really meddled in African affairs since WW2. 

    4 AnswersPolitics6 months ago