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  • Have you or anyone you know ever injured themselves from forcing themselves into the splits?

    All info online suggests not doing it but I'm just curious how bad could it be?is it a week of agony followed by suddenly being able to do it?

    1 AnswerPsychology1 month ago
  • My neighbour doesn't like me?

    I have lived here for 7 years,our area is filled with all types of lovely people but my neighbour seems to have taken a dislike to me,they are a couple,a reasonable man and a mad woman.when they first moved in 2 years ago the woman came round to mine complaining of my female indoor cat getting out and raping her female cat,i said it couldn't possibly have happened(my cat doesn't go outside)since then they've bought a dog which they put on my lawn every morning to have a poo,asked friends to park outside my house (their friends live close by)so i can't park with my young child near our house,they play music all night(i don't mind the music).I have tried to be nice by keeping the front of their property weed free (we both have gardens but they decided to concrete over theres as their dog craps on mine instead,and i take their bin out every week when they're too hungover to,we never speak and I'm fine with that its the lack of consideration for our elderly neighbours and myself,the guy is reasonable but his partner won't let me talk to him for her own jealous reasons.i just want to park outside my property,i know the spaces aren't reserved for residents but they've gone out of their way to inconvenience me.opinions please.

    5 AnswersCats1 month ago
  • Which android tablet do you use?

    I'm looking to buy an android tablet (in the uk)for minecraft and YouTube,which is the best?they all have just as many good reviews as bad online,where is good to buy it from?argos and john lewis have mixed reviews too,currys is awful,as is pc world,i considered an i pad but reviews on that were bad too.:(x

    2 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks2 months ago
  • What age can a child help with carrying shopping/their own things?

    My daughter is nearly 8 and will not carry anything at all when we go out.My back hurts and it would be nice if she could carry the toilet roll or bread,or even her own coat.I have bought her nice kids bags but she's still not interested,am I being unreasonable to expect it at her age?or is she just playing me?

    Parenting3 months ago
  • Can I take valuables abroad?

    I collect a lot of jewellery and gemstones and I plan on doing some travelling,I will be buying a return ticket for the first part of the journey but might keep on going if it goes well.I was wondering if I could take my valuables with me without it looking like I plan on opening a shop,I don't want to leave them here incase I decide not to return but I don't want to be stuck at customs,so can I take with me?x

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  • I met my father?and his wife?!?

    My father was pressured by my cousin to find me last year (I'm nearly 40,was removed from my dad at age 2,he lives in usa I was brought to the uk for monetary gain),he wants a relationship,at first he wanted to visit but I told him no as it would be like abandoning me all over again,he came anyway.when he arrived he said he was visiting me but that it was also a holiday for his new wife.she stayed with us most of the time and played mother for the week(I got only 1hr of alone time with my dad)then they went back home without us(I want to move back to my country)leaving me miserable.since then his wife is on every video call we do,she's there all the time.this week she called and said he had stage 4 cancer,then sent me some nasty messages after I told my cousin he was ill,saying it's none of my business.Is this weird?I feel like she's being controlling and should back off but the rest of my family say I should be nice as I don't want to lose him again.I'm actually angry that he waited this long to get in touch.he's supposed to be sorting out a way for me to return to my home country but is now busy with his cancer.I've waited years and years for this and I don't know if I should make the effort for my kids same or just not bother,I'll never get home without his help for the citizenship but we can move elsewhere and find another country to call home.

    3 AnswersFamily4 months ago