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    91 Chevy S10 4.3L V6 A/C Vacuum Line Question ?

    Hello all, So today I replaced the selector switch on my A/C switch panel and noticed there was 5 vacuum lines connected when I pulled the panel forward is there supposed to be 5 vacuum lines or 6? And what are the colors of all the lines? Cause it looked like there was one missing.

    2 AnswersChevrolet1 month ago
  • How do I deal with a manipulative partner? ?

    So we have been together for 10 years total and have split up and got back together 2 times within that 10 year span I feel now that we have split up again this time I’m tired of this **** and I’m being manipulated like a puppet, we lived with her parents both times they were cool with it they are great people unlike their child now they are moving out of state and Since we split up for a 3rd time and she won’t stop saying sorry I’m sorry come back I just wanna talk cause she’s homeless now and I feel bad but I’m tired of being her puppet what should I do ? I keep going back cause I feel guilty and it’s my fault if something happened to her what’s wrong with me why do I keep punishing myself line this? 

    1 AnswerFriends2 months ago
  • Spouse not taking Covid-19 seriously?

    Hello all my significant other of 10 yrs is not taking COVID seriously at all she always says ugh it’s so stupid life goes on if I get sick and die whatever if others get sick and die whatever and I always tell her even if you think it’s stupid please just wash your hands and wear a mask do it for me please cause eventually she is probably gunna get sick with it by being ignorant we argued about hand washing like 30 minutes ago and she licked her hand to prove a retarded point after driving home from work in her unsanitized Car **** like that will get her sick and I cannot afford to get sick with it cause I have asthma and if I got sick with it I could possibly infect my father who has many pre existing conditions she is just a ***** a ****** self centered ***** that dosnt really care about or my dad or any one of she can say something everybody’s gotta die at some point. I’m angered by the ignorant behavior almost to the point of leaving her I’m sick of ignorant people. 

    11 AnswersFamily3 months ago
  • Can I eat salami from July of 2017 still?

    Was hungry it's late at night I scavenged through the fridge and found a brand new stick of salami still sealed in the vacuum packed plastic from 2017 and it smelt fine so I ate like half the stick and now I'm worried I might wake up with massive food poisoning please advise lol lmao no joke I really ate it I figured it's a cured meat so it cant be bad if it was vacuum sealed any advice would be great

    5 AnswersOther - Food & Drink4 months ago
  • Am I wrong for not going?

    Hello all, So my fiancee and I have not been living together since November I feel it's safe to say girlfriend now since she's given me back the ring we still care about each other a whole bunch but the thing that I guess you could say separates us is she's on a moving kick she wants to move to the upper section of Idaho just cause her parents are retiring and moving there as soon as this stay at home order lifts as of right now I'm back at home with my parents and so is she we both live in the same town literally 6 blocks from each other we still frequently see each other and talk alot in person and on the phone but I just don't see my self moving there I enjoy living in California and also my parents are older than hers my father 65 with diabetes type 2, 10 way bypass surgery 8yrs ago and only one leg due to a diabetic ulser and my mom 66 who happens to not drive and doesn't even  have a license  I feel like if I move and my dad has a medical issue it's partially on me cause I wasn't there to help my mom, I tell my girlfriend these are the reasons I want to stay I need to be here for my mom and dad cause I see them needing more and more help the older they get where as her parents are a bit younger they are both 55 years old and can move fine and have no pre existing conditions but regardless she doesn't listen to my reasons and says she's going anyways so I loose either way I have to live somewhere I dont want to or loose the person I care about I just at a loss.. I'm lost

    2 AnswersFamily5 months ago
  • Why don’t I get drunk very easy?

    So on average I can have 4 beers 1 margarita and 6 shots of cutty sark scotch whiskey and I feel fine maybe a little buzz from time to time but nothing major I’ve seen Pleantg of people do what I do and get ****** up on it but I’m still ok why is that?

    2 AnswersBiology1 year ago
  • Is Idaho Racist and should i move there?

    so my wife's parents want to move out of cali and go to Idaho instead they want to have land and be left alone in retirement i guess , a bit anti social if you ask me but that's besides the point, now my wife wants to move to Idaho as well to be close to her parents i do not want to go cause iv read all kinds of things saying the only jobs there is being a potato farmer and so forth iv also heard about Idaho being very racist in general but others tell me no they're only racist up north where a lot of the crazy churches and supremacists reside while others tell me that the supremacist groups do not exist anymore up north this is a concern to me cause her parents want to move up north to coeur d'alene and thats like a hot spot for supposed racist activity keep in mind i ask this question cause i'm half polynesian half caucasian so i'm a mildly dark island looking boy lol please any one with feed back who lives there let me know what its like in Idaho thank!

    1 AnswerOther - Cultures & Groups1 year ago
  • Is my boss to nosey?

    So I went on a 2 day trip Tuesday and Wednesday kinda just a mini get away for 2 days and then the next day I had a check up at the doctors office then on Friday I came back to work and then all was good for a day then my boss calls me at my desk from his office and has come up with conspiracy theories about why I needed a extra day off, he was like ok I got 3 scenarios here you took a extra day off for your trip or you went to a job interview or you stayed home a day so which one is it? And I’m like uhhh I legitly went to a check up on Thursday and that’s that and here I am today back at work.... I was like wtf he’s in here plotting/coming up with conspiracy theories about me!? It was a very strange thing like I don’t even wanna work here anymore it’s like he is Facebook stalking me cause when I got back from the trip first thing I come to work he was like so how was the trip and I was standing there like isn’t it illegal for a employer to ask a employee about what they did off the clock unless the employee brings it up first? idk what do you guys think I want your opinions

    3 AnswersLaw & Ethics1 year ago
  • How do I stop crushing on a co worker?

    So we got a new receptionist at the office and she is hot as f u c k and the perfume she wears smells so f u c k I n g good she is just a friggin jaw dropping gorgeous chick and all I do is think about her all day oh I forgot to mention I'm married and I want this crushing thing to stop lol idk why my brain is like this

    3 AnswersSingles & Dating2 years ago
  • Ford F250 6.0L diesel fuel filter issues?

    Hello so my question is why when i change my fuel filters does my truck just flat out reject both of them sometimes? i always use ford filters i also always make sure to get all the air out of the system before i crank the truck, so whats up? do i have a bigger problem im not aware of?

    3 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs3 years ago
  • My Marriage feels more like a close friendship?

    My wife never wants to have any fun I can't joke around with her at all and when it comes to sex she never wants it so I turn to porn Instead now when ever we try to do anything I don't get excited down there anymore my genitals don't care for her anymore i also secretly drink alot more now and have also secretly taken up smoking I kinda just stopped giving a f.u.c.k. all together because I feel like she dosnt give a flying f.u.c.k

    9 AnswersMarriage & Divorce3 years ago
  • Why am i Not sexually attracted to my wife anymore...?

    One day I just woke up just like i always do but this time felt different it took a minute to settle in... i looked over at my wife and thought gee i sure do love you so much and I'm glad to have you in my life you really do make me happy i feel complete with her! But the attractiveness part just went away just gone "poof" no more I don't want sex from her anymore i used to beg her for it and she'd only give it to me once in a blue moon like 3 times a year is all I got, now I'd rather just take care of my needs myself and get on with the day I honestly don't want that kind of love from her anymore i just want like a best friend kind of love some one to be there for me vise versa and to talk to when I get home from work its sad it's come to this but why whould you think I feel this way? I also feel like i just wanna go out and party on my own or hit the bar by myself..... whats become of our marriage? Please help.

    6 AnswersMarriage & Divorce3 years ago
  • 06 f250 no start please help!!!?

    so about 3000MI ago i got some work done to my 2006 6.0L f250 i did new factory oil cooler and bulletproof EGR and a new ipr now 3000MI later my truck wont start it just cranks and cranks and cranks and i dont wanna keep just cranking it cause i dont wanna damage the FICM...... any ideas of what it could be? im at wits end with this truck

    1 AnswerMaintenance & Repairs3 years ago
  • 06 F250 no boost? please Help.?

    So i have a 2006 F250 XLT 6.0L Diesel it has 154000mi on it and runs absolutely great except i hardly get any boost from the turbo i can hear it spooling but i only get about 11psi at max and while cruising on the freeway at about 75mph i get 5 psi of constant boost, when driving in town i get about 2 -3 psi of boost. whats wrong? if i can hear the turbo spooling but it nevr kicks in whats going on?

    1 AnswerMaintenance & Repairs3 years ago
  • Fiancee is selfish and rude?

    We dated for 5yrs and been engaged for 2 now that we've lived together for 2 yrs we've prettymuch absorbed each others belongings I own both vehicles we use she recently got a new job requiring her to drive everywhere during the day so I told her I can no longer afford to pay for the oil changes and registration and she went ballistic! And said fine il buy my own car and my own insurance 1st of all we don't need 3 cars there's only 2 of us 2nd of all it's dumb when I pay for insurance and both car payments and she keeps telling me I'm an asshole for doing that to her that's life we all have expenses to pay for why is she like this? This has happened like 4 times now should I just non op the car and call her on her BS or just take her spoiled little beat BS!

    2 AnswersMarriage & Divorce3 years ago
  • Old guys hit on my wife at her work!?

    Frikkin weird old guys hit on my wife at her work its mainly the Philippinos and mexicans, shes a shift lead at a warehouse packing stuff and making sure others do their job correctly well anyway back to my question, how do I politely ask her to stop talking to the weirdos!? They always text her and stuff and are like hey what s up!? Ur beautiful! I could write a paragraph about you babe!, it pisses me off and she texts them back!!! She tells me she feels pitty for them that s why she does it and they re just friends but it gets old and I m up to the top over this! I do t trust her anymore I m a salesman working 9am -6pm and she works 4Am-12pm now days all i think is ugh those old *** ******* better not be over at my house!!! I m about to install a home monitor system on my day off when she s not home, should I go to that extreme? And how do I make them shut up!?

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating3 years ago
  • 2007 F250 6.0 no start when hot?

    Ok so the other day the wife and I went for a drive about a 180MI drive to be exact and when we got off the freeway she was hungry so we stopped at in n out burger went in ordered and came back out to eat on the drive home went to start the truck and it was running super rough like it had a bad bad lope so I shut it off and restarted it and it was even worse this time we only made it to the intersection right before the I5 entrance and it died when I stopped at the red light lucky for us we stopped off in her parents home town so I called her dad and he towed me to their house with with Cummins haha I know I shouldent have bought the 6.0 but I figured by 200u they would have worked out all the bugs but obviously not and I m paying for it now, anyway temail truck was towed to their house and then he said try starting it so I tried and presto it started right up no problem after sitting for like 30 minutes on the tow back to the house, I waited a bit then we drove back no problem and now I can t replicate the problem no matter how hard I try.... wtf guys .... what could it be this time! After I just spent $3,000 bulletproofing it. Dummy plugs? Stand pipe? Stc? What s it SouND like now?

    2 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs4 years ago
  • F250 EGR Leak HELP!?

    my 2006 F260 6.0 is leaking coolant out of the back of the little blue EGR hose and the EGR and oil cooler were replaced right before i bought it. my local dealer told me they wont replace the EGR hose no need to and that i need to replace the EGR and the oil cooler and the EGR hose other wise the leak wont stop, is this true or do they just wanna take my money cause i know its costly for the whole repair.

    2 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs4 years ago
  • Wife always starts arguments with me!?

    My wife always starts arguments with me she just picks and picks and picks, like 5 minutes after I get home from work we start chatting and then she goes into a outburst saying you always rebudle against me why! You never listen! When as a matter of fact I do listen and "obey" and really haven t had a chance to get situated at home yeti free a long day. I make everything about her I ask her how her day was, how she s doing tell her I love her, surprise her with flowers send special gifts in the mail I center my world around her and all she does is get mad at me and scream and say I never listen when In fact I m all ears I m here to listen but no she never has anything to say when I says then fine lets talk , she always says no I don t wanna talk and then blows up at me later

    3 AnswersMarriage & Divorce5 years ago