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  • How do you tell a client "The final work will be sent to you after payment confirmation", without it sounding like I don't trust him?

    This client has been late on payments in the past. I would send him finished work before payment, trusting his promises to pay on time, but when he didn't and I reminded him, he would just apologize and promise payment by another date but missed those dates too. He finally paid two weeks late.

    I don't want to bring up this case with the client.

    Two weeks is not a big deal but I don't have time to send reminders and who knows how late the next payment would be.

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  • Abroad freelancer's wage doesn't add up - suggestions?

    Researching the List of minimum wages by Country, I took India for example: "A worker in India is entitled, by federal law standards, to a minimum pay of $0.28 per hour. This leaves Indian workers earnings between $2 and $3 a day, and less than $700\year." Let's be generous and say $4\day.

    In the US, the minimum wage varies between States so let's just say it's $9\hour which would be $72\day. So Americans earns 1,700 percent more than the Indians.

    Now let's crunch some numbers... Researching various "Freelance-For-Hire" sites, I chose "Graphic Designer" for my research. You will find that the Indian worker will charge between $7-$20 per hour. Let's round this up and say he earns the same as the American worker - $9\hr, which will bring in $72 per day. This would mean that he is earning 1,700 percent more than his neighbor. In other words, this would have the equivalent of someone in the US earning $1296 per day. Roughly, it would be like he's earning just shy of a ONE YEAR salary in India - in just ONE WEEK! Or like an American who makes $20,000 per year, making $360,000 per year!

    If my numbers are correct, this individual freelancer from India should be living the lifestyle of a millionaire in no time... but as I researched, they don't seem to be any different than any average hard-working Indian which begs the question... the numbers just don't add up. Yes, I understand that not all freelancer's have full time employment but I think you get the relevancy of my question.

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  • Why don't police attack dogs let go on command?

    Police dogs go through some of the most extensive training a dog can go through. This is understandable since it's lives that the dog is protecting. I've read that even if food was offered to a police dog, he is trained not to take it. So what I don't understand is something I see on all youtube videos or cops shows, or live TV police chases, where a police dog is sent to jump a guy... once the dog locks onto a limb, it doesn't seem like the dog releases the victim even though the officer is shouting commands to him to let go. Sometimes the officer even has to struggle with the dog to get him to release. If the dog is so well trained, why isn't he trained to let go on command?

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  • I'm looking for a way to transfer files at DOWNLOAD speeds vs UPLOAD speeds. Please read the scenario I wrote in the details.?

    I have a client in Philippines that uploads files to a cloud server like Dropbox etc, for me to download. Problem is, in Philippines internet speeds are incredibly slow and it takes her 12-18 hours to upload 5GB.

    Now technically, upload speeds CAN be as fast as download but ISP companies dedicate less streams for uploading, this results in uploading being slower than downloading.

    But let's think about this for a second... My speeds are 100Mbps DWN \ 300KB (3Mbps) UP. So I download at 10MB\sec and upload at 300K\sec. So it would take me about 6-8 minutes to download 5GB and 4-5 hours to upload it - to the same server.

    But wait... while I'm downloading in 6-8 minutes... isn't the server I'm download from UPLOADING to ME at that same high speed (10MB\sec)?? Well, YES it is... but since the transfer was initiated as a DOWNLOAD, the download speeds are applied to this transfer.

    So if you think about it, TECHNICALLY, if my client in Philippine would be a SERVER, I should be able to DOWNLOAD directly from her at DOWNLOAD speeds! Of course, her speed would bottle-cap the process, but I SHOULD be able to download at HER DOWNLOAD speed which would be significantly faster.

    I tried software and browser-based peer-to-peer services but they didn't help. I even tried to "Download" files from her via Team-viewer, but that didn't help either. She has Windows XP Home so can't be set up as an FTP server.

    Are there ANY other ways I can DOWNLOAD files directly from her at maximum speeds?

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  • Why don t refrigerators adjust temperatures automatically like air-conditioners do?

    Why do we have to play around with dials? Isn t there an optimal temperature for efficient electric usage and food storage like cars automatically adjust the motor temperature for optimal engine usage?

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  • Can bacteria travel through water?

    Raw meat left out of the fridge will start to get bacteria. That's why we keep stuff in a cooler... it's takes longer for bacteria to get build on it. My question is, can bacteria travel through water? Lets say raw meat is fully immersed in pot of room temperature water. Can bacteria get to it as if it was just lying on the counter?

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  • Why sell drugs and not gum instead?

    There are so many drug dealers, and I'm talking about the ones a little higher up in the chain than the street corner one, that say buy a bag of coke for $3,500 and end up selling it (in packages of ounces) for $5,000 (that's what I read online). This is a profit of %142. On the other hand, a gumball costs $0.03 and can be sold for $0.25 - a profit of %833! There are many other fast selling products (and junk food) that make much more than %142 profit and that don't come with a risk of going to jail... so I was wondering why it's assumed that although dangerous, drug dealing is very profitable, even to the small dealers. Why is that so?

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  • Watching snuff, child porn, and illegal activities... (educational)?

    This is an educational question... I don't understand why there is a difference between snuff, CP (child porn), or watching any other illegal activity online for that matter. If you search anywhere on the web, you will find that everyone says that if you download and watch CP, you can be arrested (if caught) and that it is illegal... but when asked about snuff, suddenly there is a "grey" area and it might be legal to watch... If one illegal activity is illegal to watch then ANY illegal activity should be illegal to watch... Why is it legal to watch illegal murders going on in Syria? Why is it legal to watch police murder innocent citizens on the news? Why is legal to watch terrorist activities like the planes crashing into the 911 towers? For a second it seems like there is a big difference (because we are used to watching illegal activity on the news) but if you think a little deeper... why distinguish between illegal activities and make laws about which ones can or can't be watched in your own private home?

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  • Can someone help me track down this movie?

    I'm trying to track down an action-comedy movie I saw years ago. I'm pretty sure it's from after the year 2000 more or less. All I remember is is how it starts... This young guy is driving quietly down a road and he reaches an intersection and suddenly, out of nowhere, in front of him, a car comes rolling - in slow motion - in front of him - from another road - like it was hit in an accident (but you didn't see the accident because it came flying from around the corner) and as the driver is watching this car fly by - with a shocking look on his face - another car is seen flying - I think in his rear-view-mirror... Then I remember something about him stopping and some woman opens his passenger door, gets in, and says something like, "Start driving!"... That's all I can remember. Anyone? Thanks.

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  • Should I tell a date I have kids?

    I met a sweet girl online and after a few days of virtual chatting, we had our first date. She’s 2 years younger than I am and we had a good time on the date. I kept physical contact limited to holding hands and kisses on the cheek because I didn’t want it to go further until I told her my secret… I have 5 kids. She was really into me and wanted me but I told her at the end of the date that even though I am equally attracted to her, if we can please hold off until I shared with her something about me – perhaps on a second date. She was very acceptive and we have a second date this week. My body tells me to sleep with her and than tell about the kids but my mind tells me that this would be wrong and would be taking advantage of her. I’m almost certain that I will lose her if she knows I have so many kids. She herself does not have any. The kids don’t live with me and I only see them for a few hours every few weeks and I don’t think they would be a cause to tamper my social life. What should I do?

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