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  • When do you tell a potential partner about an STD?

    I was in a committed (on my part, anyways) relationship for 6 years, during which i contracted an STD from my partner. We have been apart for almost a year and I am starting to date again. I know that having an STD makes me look promiscuous, which I am NOT by any means, so I don't think I need to tell every date that I have one. I also do NOT want to do to someone else what was done to me. I do not have sex outside of a committed, manogamous relationship anyway, so, at what point do I say something about it? It is suppressable with medication, and I rarely have breakouts, so it is reasonable to believe that I could protect someone from getting it from me, should they decided to take that risk.

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  • Is long term care ins. an appropriate X-mas present for aging parents?

    My mother's family has a history of dementia and she is currently dealing with putting her own parents in a nursing home. I was wondering if anyone had an opinion about me buying long term care insurance for my parents as a continuing X-mas present, as its hard to find them things they would need or want, the older they get.

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