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  • I am learning to play the guitar, and was wanting to know, which notes on the guitar strings do not have sharps?

    For example: the string chords from top to bottom are EADGBA, the top string played open is E, so pressing down on the first fret would be E Sharp, then F then F sharp, G and G sharp, but I know there are a couple that don't have sharps, which ones are they? Thank you for any help

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  • why does it hurt so bad to have a bowel movement?

    This has happened about 3 or 4 times in the last year, I am a 46 year old man, and when I felt like I really had to go, I went and sit down and it started fine, then it felt like it was stretching and just hurting and stopped, I couldn't relax to get it to go back in, so I had no choice but to sit and push it out the best I can, I have a pretty high pain thresh hold, this hurt so bad I broke into a sweat and double over with not only pain in my anus from what felt like having a football sized bowl movement, but stomach pains when they hit I couldn't even bring myself to push or strain, I literally started praying out loud to god to help me, What could cause that and what should I do? I can't see my doctor for a few weeks, but it's been almost 3 hours since and the pain has gone but I am sore as can be.

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  • Why does a lawyer get by with more continuances and are allowed to drag cases out for criminals?

    A judge will only allow 2 maybe 3 continuances if you are representing yourself because they want it handled, but if a lawyer goes in, they can have cases continued for years and years and the victim just has to wait, My home was burglarized over 2 years ago, the guy still has court dates because they say they want to trial his rape cases first so it goes easier on him and he won't have a record, But the victims just have to wait, and he is still on the streets out on bond and committing crimes, I understand that criminals have the right to a speedy trial, but what about the victims? It would be nice if an actual Lawyer or judge can answer this. Thank you

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  • Why are my angelfish so mean?

    I have 2 large Angelfish and 2 cory catfish in a large planted 75 gallon aquarium, I have tried to introduce other angelfish into the tank, but my 2 large ones will not accept them, they chase them and ram into them with their nose like they are pushing and shoving, basically being a bully, the 2 large are a mating pair, have laid eggs several times, and even hatched them a couple times, but they always eat them, I took my other angelfish out when the 2 large kept attacking them, If I left the others in, will they eventually get used to them and leave them alone? or will they continue until they kill the others? Please help

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    1993 mustang new clutch not engaging?

    Ok, here is the details, It's a 93 Mustang with a fuel injected 302, with a T5 world class transmission, I just built the motor up and swapped the engines, I figured since i already had the engine out, it would be a good time to change the clutch, pressure plate, throw out bearing and pilot bearing and both seals on transmission, I checked the clutch to make sure it was correctly installed, which it is, I double checked the throw out bearing and it is installed correctly too, so when I have it all back in and put together, When I press the clutch peddle, the gears grind as if the clutch is not even engaged, I have checked the cable and adjusted it to make sure it was pushing in enough, when I press the clutch peddle, you hear it whining a little and when released, it stops, but the clutch still won't engage, what could it be that i am not seeing? Here is a pic of the throw out bearing where it is scarred from spinning, Please help, this car has put me through the ringer. lol

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  • Engine rubs when being turned by crank?

    Ok here is my issue and it may be hard to understand, but i'll try explaining it best I can, My son bought a motor off a guy to replace his in his car because he had a rod knocking, well this engine he bought was sold to him for 500.00, when he picked it up, they had taken the eldebrock intake, alternator, etc. Off, and they said they broke the distributor off too and took it out, so we basically got nothing more than a block with everything internal, so I replaced the timing chain, water pump, the gaskets, and used parts off the other motor in his car to try and get this one ready to go in, I ut the harmonic balancer back on today and when it got tight the motor started turning, so I turned it a couple full turns back to top dead center, and when being turned, It has a rubbing noise from inside, I know it's either out or low on oil, but would that cause it to make a rubbing sound like that? What's your thoughts on this? Experienced mechanics only, I don't need know it alls that don't know anything, Thank you in advance

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  • Why does my spacebar on my laptop keeps acting as delete or backspace?

    I have a Dell XFR D630 rugged laptop, Some liquid was spilt on my keyboard earlier and it is supposed to be waterproof and drop proof and all that, I sprayed it with a spray to wipe it off to keep it from getting sticky buttons, but now when i hit some keys, they will double type words, my space bar deletes a word when i type on a search bar, or facebook or anything, if i hit space, it deletes and backspaces, I ordered a new keyboard, do you think that will help? and is there possible something i pressed causing it? Thanks in advance

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    How can I clean my dirtbike pipe?

    I have a 2000 kx250, the pipe is turning a yellow brownish and I have no idea why, It will not wipe or wash off, and believe me, I have tried, What can I do to polish it and clean it up and what caused it? Thanks for any help

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  • Why is my 98 Saturn SL Series not starting?

    Ok, I am working on a 98 Saturn SL series that was involved in an accident, but it wasn't bad, when I had it towed home, it started fine, Now when I turn the key, it does nothing, I had the battery checked, It checked out bad, I replaced it, still the same problem, so I replaced the starter with a new solenoid, still when I try to start it, nothing, All the lights and everything come on, but when turned to start, it doesn't click or anything, just like it's dead, But I can start it by jumping the starter with a screw driver, I don't know where else to look or what to do, can you please help?

    1 AnswerMaintenance & Repairs5 years ago
  • Will any triple tree clamp work on my 2000 kx250 2 stroke?

    I have a 2000 Kawasaki kx250 2 stroke, I am replacing the triple tree clamp because mine is a little bent and not in great shape, After looking at the others on ebay, all of the clamps look just about the same, will any fit, or does it have to be a certain part? can't any other years work with a 2000? Thanks in advance

    1 AnswerMotorcycles5 years ago
  • What's the best and safest oil for my 01 Kx250?

    I have heard a lot of people talking about using different types of oil in 2 strokes and 4 strokes, Mine is a 2 stroke. Right now I have 3 qts of fluid I can try, 1. Havoline with deposit shield, that's what I have in my bike now, it seems to be doing ok but I have only ridden it down the road and back, 2. the other is Valvoline DEX/MERC transmission fluid, (for vehicles requiring dexron-3 mercon) I haven't tried the transmission fluid yet, but some people swear by it, so which would be the best and safest that would be good for my 2001 kx250 2 stroke, Thanks in advance to all my fellow riders.

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  • Is a pawnshop liable for pawned items?

    I pawned my motocross bike and when i took it in, it ran perfect, 5 months later, I pick it up and it's like it has been ridden and ragged out, has no compression and won't even start, They seen and heard it run when i brought it in, It was in perfect condition.

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  • 2001 Kawasaki Kx250 won't start?

    My dirtbike was in the pawnshop for about 7 months, when I first took it up there it was perfectly fine, Now when i got it out, It won't start, when i kick it, it seems like it just has no compression, I took the plug out and it didn't look to bad, with my thumb over the hole, i could feel it push some when pushing the kicker down, but it didn't have enough pressure to blow my thumb off or anything, and it still kicked easily, and when you try kick starting it with the plug in, it just doesn't sound right, it's like it.s bubbling turning over, and all the sound seems to be bubbling out of the silencer, what does this sound like to you? thank you, I actually thought it may be time for a top end to get all my compression back, i have had it a couple years and never been into it, and don't know when the last time it was done.

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  • Is bright light good for my inside orange tree?

    I have a dwarf citrus orange tree i am growing inside, when i first received it and planted it in a pot, it done great, it has even doubled in size, So I got a larger and nicer pot to put it in and transplanted to a bigger pot and put some citrus fertilizer in the pot and watered it, But it has just stopped growing, it's not growing leaves or anything, nothing has changed. I have just started pointing my work light at it and it is very bright, and puts off little heat, because i don't put it too close to burn it, will just the bright light help it? What's wrong with it?

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  • Having trouble with a 97 Dodge Dakota SLT 3.9 V6, 4 Wheel drive automatic?

    My truck has a bad rattle coming from the catalytic converter, and my truck keeps cutting out and backfiring while driving, the engine light comes on saying it's an o2 sensor code high voltage, today it was backfiring and cutting out so bad it caused a lot of misfiring codes as well as the o2 sensor high voltage code, I have replaced a lot of different things and I am going to list everything that's been done since January 2015.

    Replaced Parts.

    1. Crank Sensor

    2. TPS Sensor

    3. Both o 2 sensors, within the last couple wks

    4. Distributor

    5. Distributor Cap and pick up plate.

    6. spark plugs

    7. fuel injectors

    8. Air idle control valve

    9. Ignition coil

    10. Spark plug wires

    11. Fuel pump and filter

    I have a catalytic converter ordered and on the way, but could a bad converter cause all that?

    Please only answer if you are familiar with working on vehicles. Thank you ahead of time for your answers

    1 AnswerMaintenance & Repairs5 years ago
  • What is the name of a good mixed drainage soil that contains vermiculite, pumice, coarse sand Etc.?

    I am receiving 3 silver date palm trees that i need to plant in containers until they are about 3 ft tall, The seller says I need a good soil to start such as something with Vermiculite, or Coarse sand, wood shavings, small bark etc. or a good cactus mix, or super soil that drains good. All I have is Miracle grow moisture control, I have a bag of peat moss, and a bag of cow manure soil, What is the name of a soil that would be great for a silver date palm tree that's already mixed? Thanks for any help

    1 AnswerGarden & Landscape5 years ago
  • Can a Banana tree be kept in a pot?

    A little more details for you, I bought a Blue Java Ice Cream Banana tree, At first I was going to plant it in the middle of my yard so it could have constant sunshine this summer, but i live in NC, I know they grow from 10 to 15 ft in height, so if i put it in a big put or something, would it still produce bananas, and also i figure i can bring it in for the winter to keep it safe.

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  • What's the best media player to download that also lets you download and save videos to your computer?

    I used to use Real Player, I have always used them and on the videos i watched, it always had a download this video button appear on the video, Now the real player isn't working at all and i cant download it. I have been using VLC Media player but i have never seen a download button or anything, is there a way to download videos using VLC? or is there a way to download videos to play on VLC? Please let me know and thank you for your time

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  • Is it normal for my grown tom cat to mate with a kitten?

    I have a male Tom cat and I have 2 young kittens, when i say young, I mean like maybe 2 to 2 1/2 months old, they are not old at all, Is it normal from him to bite the back of her neck and try to mate with her? I keep making him stop because it's like he is trying to rape her, Is it normal? If I could get an answer from a vet that would be nice. Thank you for your time

    3 AnswersCats5 years ago